The Cat is Out of the Bag

The Cat is Out of the Bag

The largest Pfizer litigation is headed to a State near you!

In January 2022 I drafted a Criminal Case Referral against Pfizer, Moderna, Anthony Fauci, et al over their respective participation in the massive fraud and scheme to harm, and even kill, millions upon millions of people around the world. The article on the case file can be found here.

The country has become divided over the ‘conspiracy’ elements of the pandemic, largely due to the fact that over 100 million Americans embraced the vaccine initiative, while millions of others did not willingly join in. Instead, they were coerced, incentivized, threatened, and subjected to various forms of pressure in order to compel their compliance. Families were divided and literally broke apart with arguments over differences of ‘opinions’ for heaven sake, which I know of personally through battles with my own family. Well my fellow Americans, the Cat is out of the bag.

As a senior financial investigator, dealing with cases from bank fraud to organized crime activities, the whole pandemic and rush “push” to vaccinate the world just did not set well with me. Yes, I conformed to government shut down requests, I lost business and money hand over fist, while I stood by the government for the first year, then in 2021…. things just felt so wrong and so much like there was a hidden agenda that I had to investigate and see for myself and stop swallowing the media’s and the government’s well crafted propaganda talking points.

2024 is different. You would think even the federal government and the media would be singing a different tune, yet the CDC is still pushing Americans on how great the mRNA shots are and how it’s booster time. Fortunately for State Attorney Generals like Ken Paxton of Texas, we are seeing multi-billion dollar legal actions filed against Pfizer to start the ball rolling on recovering damages for the loss of our loved ones, for the outrageous damages being incurred through “vaccine injuries”. And today I watched a recent video where a well known practicing MD, who took the mRNA shot herself, gave it to her children and husband, and recommended “administered” it to all her patients, sat in front of a camera and apologize to all those that had warned her about the injuries being caused by the shots. Not just a heartfelt apology, but a medical review and science based analysis of the peer reviewed reporting that is being published around the world.

The new few years are going to be the worst I think. First will be the millions whose lives are cut short; or simply become another victim of mRNA injuries which will force them into medical care for years of even the rest of their lives. Secondly will come the day of reckoning for the millions upon millions of family members as they face the decision they made, and possibility made for others in their family, to take an experimental drug “protocol” that could potentially change their lives forever. I say potentially, as there appears to be around 30% of those vaccinated that have shown little to no ill affects.

So let’s get my disclaimer out of the way. 1) I am an investigator and health/wellness researcher, I am NOT a doctor or scientist with any form of degree covering the medical aspects of Covid, the Pandemic, or the mRNA injections created by Pfizer, Moderna and others. So I am providing my readers with the content here as my thoughts only. And, I highly recommend you as a reader, investigate, research and make an educated decision as to the accuracy of the content. To this end, I am providing you with links to papers, studies, reports, peer reviewed content by some of the most prominent medical doctors, scientists and experts in the world. I trust their opinions and their findings. Here is a link to the “Numbers Do Not Add Up” at the bottom of that article you will find great references to doctors and government leaders working to bring the truth to the public.

2) Why do so many of those that have been vaccinated show no signs of adverse reaction? Placebo?!? Fortunately for the world today, there is a very widely tracked database covering adverse reactions to the mRNA shots. You can actually type in the “batch” number and see the percentage of reported injuries, keeping in mind the large under reported % of injuries, this is an eye opening search for sure. Some batches have little adverse reactions, while other batches are extremely high, including disabilities and death. As we enter year 3 of the shots, the world is seeing a massive uptick in all cause mortality, with cancer, heart disease and auto-immune related illnesses increasing by 100, 500 and even 1000%. So the disclaimer here is this. The jury is still out as to the long term affect the mRNA shots, whether everyone receiving the shots will have negative side affects, and how all this will play out legally for Pfizer and the other companies and individuals that used their positions/power to manipulate the population of the world into subjecting themselves to this experiment.

Now let’s address the litigation aspect of all this.

The first thing most everyone thinks about is the very detailed ‘can’t sue Pfizer, et al.’ since the US Government gave them a hold harmless and indemnification agreement. While it is true an indemnification agreement was provided to the manufacturers of the ‘Covid mRNA shots,’ it is also true that such indemnification does not, during court and jury decision time, include acts which were fraudulent and/or designed to harm (kill) people. This is why TX AG Ken Paxton has been successful in filing a consumer-based action against Pfizer. See the link below for details. In the Criminal Case Referral letter I drafted to various State Governors and Attorneys General in January 2022, I specifically relied upon the RICO statutes as the legal authority to pursue the proposed Defendants I had included. For decades we have used the RICO statutes to stop organized crime in its tracks through the strength of its authority to freeze the assets of all those involved.

Now that the cat is out of the bag and everything within my letter has been validated, reaffirmed, and greatly expanded upon by leading experts in the fields of medical, legal, and science, I believe and have hope that we can now seek damages from all entities, groups, organizations, and individuals that knowingly participated in this mass deception and organized criminal activity against all of humanity. Until then, we must reunite our families and communities and strive for answers to the questions left unanswered. One of these questions, which Dr. Annette Bosworth MD so aptly put when speaking of trusting vaccines, is ‘How long will it take for the world to trust, that I will trust, what they are saying?’ Personally, I wish to expand upon that thought. Over 20 years ago, I conducted an investigation into the FDA and the Weight Loss industry and discovered what I felt was one of the most corrupt public institutions at the time.

We now have more than sufficient evidence and reasonable cause to question the intentions and integrity of organizations such as the FDA, the CDC, the NIAID, WEF, and WHO. Trusting, without questioning or holding accountable, any of these organizations certainly is no longer a given option. In my humble opinion, we must take our health, our lives, and our overall wellness back under our control and decision-making processes and go back to basics when it comes to staying healthy. Natural Foods vs. Processed or Chemically Manufactured ~ Exercise vs. Video Games ~ In-Person Interaction vs. Social Media ~ Integrative Medicine vs. Western Medicine ~ Supplementation with Herbs and Vitamins vs. Pharmaceuticals ~ Meditation and Prayer vs. Binge Movie Watching

Stay healthy, my friends, and enjoy and protect the freedoms and rights which are God-given.


VIDEOS: Doctor Boz Apology ~ Doctor Boz Peer Reviewed Analysis

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Last updated: April 17th 2024

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