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The best way to connect with Wayne is online. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and right here.

Our services

Consumer Advocate, Mentor & Due Diligence

Consumer Advocate

Since 1999 Wayne has serve millions of consumers as their advocate for the recovery of LostMoney in North America. 8 out of 10 Adults in America have a claim for unclaimed property. As an advocate for your rights, Wayne provides a free reporting service to all consumers interested in finding the lost money owed to their family. Use the menu link above for Consumer Advocacy.


Wayne has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners over the past 20 years reach new levels of success.

Due Diligence

Wayne has handled thousands of sensitive cases for government agencies, Fortune 100 Companies and Celebrities.

MasterMind Sessions

Building your company's strength and future with a solid team.

Latest projects

For details on my latest projects including charitable fund raising efforts, class actions suits and business mentoring you can find the links here.

Growing Your Business Through Funding.

We can take your business to the next level. All things are possible when you have a TEAM working to bring success to your business model. Remember, together we CAN make a difference. In Arizona there is a relatively new public offering process that can and will change the future for small business startups. Let us help you fulfill your dreams in making your business a success. Ask us how. 800.430.6322 Ext 1111

Raising the Bar on Fund Raising

If you have ever tried to raise money for a charity that you simply felt was so important to humanity, then you have felt the pain of rejection when the answer to your giving heart was NO. At The Wayne Foundation we have developed the most innovative charitable giving model in the world today. Through this model we have assisted charitable giving in excess of $5 million per year. So stop worrying about fund raising and be happy. Stop by TheWayneFoundation.org for details.

Choices in the Market for Quality Products

Dazed and confused. At least that's how some people described how they feel when looking at the hundreds of choices of products in the marketplace today. How do you know which products are the best? Best in price, value and quality? Well starting in May 2018, your consumer advocate Wayne Warrington is helping you test and screen hundreds of products to make the selection just that much easier. Want more details on these products? Check out FarSuperiorProducts.com

Latest news

Each week, I am publishing a new Wayne's Take... on today's business, politics, world affairs and basically great insightful tips on how you can stay ahead of the game in money, life and health. Use the search tool above to search for a topic of interest.

Failing the Test

The essence of who I am today is absent the man that came before me. Certainly, that man and I are one in the same, yet not in any way this

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Have Members of Congress Committed an Act of Treason?

February 27th, 2019, in my humble opinion, represents one of the darkest days in American History. As I was preparing for my third day of conf

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Learning to Forgive

Our individual journey in life is as unique to one another as our finger prints are. Therefore how is it possible for us to ever judge one anothe

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