Game Over … Biden Out!

Game Over … Biden Out!

The 2024 Presidential Debate was the end of the Biden Administration.

The 2024 Presidential Debate was the end of the Biden Administration. Watching tonight’s Presidential debate was painful within the first few minutes, watching Joe Biden attempt to interact or defend his failures as President. Looking at the two candidates, you would think they were 25-30 years apart in age.

The debate, hosted by CNN, had rules that were unprecedentedly restrictive and biased towards the incumbent Biden. Despite this, President Trump showed remarkable calm restraint throughout most of the debate, highlighting Biden’s gross negligence on issues ranging from the border, to loss of military lives, to Ukraine, to the economy and more.

The painful part was knowing that the man with his hand on the button, who could literally put us into WW3 tomorrow, is so out of touch with reality, unable to think clearly, and has such poor memory. The relief came from seeing a composed Trump ready to take the reins and steer the country back on course.

The next question is: who will the Democratic Party choose to replace Biden? It certainly cannot be Harris. One might speculate that Obama will have a hand in the decision process and support whoever their nominee will be to avoid a landslide defeat in the November 4th election.

A Painful Contrast

From the outset, the contrast between the two candidates was stark. Biden’s attempt to engage and defend his administration’s track record fell flat. His age and cognitive abilities were on full display, making the debate uncomfortable to watch. It was evident that the years had not been kind to Biden, and his ability to lead was seriously in question.

On the other hand, Trump demonstrated a level of composure and control that was impressive. Despite the biased format and restrictive rules, he managed to address critical issues with clarity and conviction. His criticism of Biden’s handling of the border crisis, the economy, and foreign policy resonated with viewers who have felt the impact of these failures firsthand.

CNN’s Bias and Debate Rules

The debate, hosted by CNN, was marked by unprecedented restrictions and obvious bias. The rules seemed designed to protect Biden from tough questions and limit Trump’s ability to challenge him effectively. This one-sided approach was evident to anyone watching and added to the frustration of those hoping for a fair and balanced debate.

Despite these challenges, Trump maintained his composure and focused on the issues that matter most to Americans. His restraint and ability to stay on message were a testament to his experience and understanding of the political landscape. At one point after the candidates exchanges a more personal attacks on character, Trump’s comment about “Let’s not act like children, was met with Biden’s comment of “you’re a child”. I may have not remembered the statements verbatim, however close enough to where those watching could see that Biden had zero ability to keep the debate banter under control.

Biden’s Cognitive Decline

Perhaps the most painful aspect of the debate was witnessing Biden’s cognitive decline. His inability to articulate his thoughts clearly, his frequent memory lapses, and his overall confusion were troubling to watch. It was a stark reminder that the leader of the free world is not up to the task of leading the nation through these challenging times.

The prospect of Biden continuing in office, with his finger on the nuclear button, is a chilling thought. His lack of awareness and cognitive decline pose a serious risk to national and global security.

The Democratic Party’s Dilemma

With Biden’s performance in the debate confirming his unsuitability for another term, the Democratic Party faces a significant dilemma. It is clear that Harris is not a viable option to replace him. Her approval ratings are low, and she lacks the support needed to secure a victory in the upcoming election.

Speculation is rife about who the Democrats will turn to in this critical moment. Many believe that former President Obama will play a crucial role in the decision-making process. His influence and support will be vital in selecting a nominee capable of mounting a serious challenge to Trump and avoiding a landslide defeat in November.


The 2024 Presidential Debate marked the end of the Biden Administration. The painful reality of Biden’s cognitive decline and inability to lead was on full display. Despite the biased format and restrictive rules, Trump emerged as a composed and capable leader ready to address the nation’s challenges.

As the Democratic Party scrambles to find a suitable replacement, the influence of key figures like Obama will be pivotal. The stakes are high, and the future of the nation hangs in the balance. The November 4th election will be a critical moment in American history, and the outcome will shape the direction of the country for years to come.

As we approach the 2024 Elections, I wish to extend my gratitude to FarSuperior’s newly formed Politics Board of Directors. Both the Chair, Suzanne Sharer, and Director Jim O’Connor are actively working to identify the best candidates for our local community to support here in Arizona, to ensure the restoration of the State of Arizona to a powerful state leading the way and protecting our citizens, as well as the rest of the country, from the invasion of our southern border, the drugs entering our country, and the child trafficking. All of these are the direct results of the current administration in Washington, DC’s plan to remake and weaken America and the freedom we enjoy.

June 30th, 2024 – Update. I have had the opportunity to watch the debate through RFK Jr’s debate website… www.TheRealDebate.com It would have been the respectful and responsible thing to do by CNN to have included the Independent Candidate. Personally I see more and more people moving away from both parties and registering as an Independent. RFK Jr is a voice that should be included and Americans should have him as a choice within the election. If the election was held tomorrow, and it was a fair election without any manipulation of the voting system, Trump certainly would win by a landslide. While at the same time, President Trump would be well advised to bring RFK Jr into his Administration in order to bring real balance of representation of the American people. RFK Jr’s voice, history, and policy positions do represent a blend of all three parties. While I do not agree or support all of his positions, I support and believe in America and the right of all our people to have the choice to decide who should be leading our nation. This is just MY TAKE, and not the opinion, or position, of FarSuperior’s Political team.

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