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Reality and Perspective
Consider your perspective...
before you allow your reality to be that of the masses. What a wonderful and amazing Thanksgiving meal...
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America Freedom Rights
No Place To Go
If America falls, we have no place to go! For decades, people from around the world have sought refuge...
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Time: The Currency of a Rich Life
In the relentless pursuit of financial prosperity, the concept of time often takes a backseat, overshadowed...
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Wayne Warrington Case Referral to State AGs
It is Time...
On January 21st, 2022, following a six-month-long investigation, I composed a criminal case referral...
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Money Matters
“Money Matters: Unveiling Generational Spending Trends and Market Manipulation” Generational...
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From Fear to Fearless
Why do we encounter struggles in this world? One word: FEAR! How do we thrive in this world? One word:...
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We the People
What’s on my mind? America! Our rights are being stripped away, one right after another. I was...
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Try Having a Debate with AI
If you think arguing with your 15 year old daughter or son is difficult, try debating with AI So this...
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Merely a Puppet with Strings Being Pulled
Unraveling the Enigma of Joseph R Biden Jr’s Political Career Over the last five decades, Joe...
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We must change the path we are on, or lose our country forever.
2024: The Turning Point
A Call to Defend Our Future For those who might view this article as overly dramatic, it’s essential...
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