The Numbers Simply Do Not Add Up!

The Numbers Simply Do Not Add Up!

As an investigator with decades of experience in statistical data and analysis, particularly in actuarial tables, I’ve consistently examined what’s considered normal versus abnormal. In mid-2021, following a business meeting in Las Vegas, I posed a straightforward question to those present: “Do any of you know someone who has died recently or fallen seriously ill after receiving the vaccination?” Astonishingly, 5 out of 6 individuals responded affirmatively. Further probing revealed that 3 out of those 5 knew multiple affected individuals. I pointed out to them that according to government data and insurance actuarial tables, their experiences were statistically impossible.

Fast forward to 2024, within my small complex of eight town homes, unsettling events have unfolded. One of the owners, a healthy 45-year-old male, passed away last month due to a heart attack shortly after receiving a booster shot. Additionally, another resident, a previously healthy 49-year-old woman who had purchased her home a year prior, was diagnosed with cancer. This incidence, coupled with my 58-year-old physically fit and active next-door neighbor requiring heart surgery in 2022, raises profound questions. While cancer and heart disease remain leading causes of death in America, the consistent percentages of these occurrences over the years, primarily affecting the older population, have been notable. However, recent events challenge this trend.

The likelihood of two younger adults with no prior health issues, alongside a physically robust 58-year-old, experiencing serious illness or death within a two-year span among a group of only eight individuals is extraordinarily low. Yet, across America, we witness staggering increases in heart disease, cancer cases, sudden deaths, and illnesses that defy comprehension.

As an investigator who has handled cases against the FDA, I am left with one undeniable conclusion. I share these observations to encourage those who may have uncritically accepted prevailing narratives to reconsider their perspectives in this intricate reality we inhabit today.

Another deeply disturbing aspect arising from the pandemic is the mistreatment and near criminal persecution of medical experts, professionals, and scientists worldwide who swiftly took action to safeguard their patients and preserve lives by devising protocols to combat the COVID-19 virus. Drawing upon their decades of experience, rigorous training, and extensive knowledge, they diligently worked to stem the tide of fatalities within their communities, only to face a barrage of ridicule and assaults from federal agencies, including the FDA, CDC, WEF, WHO, and local politicians. Many of these esteemed doctors and professionals saw their licenses revoked and their financial and reputational standings decimated, victimized by both media sensationalism and governmental overreach.

Today, as the truth regarding the coronavirus, the pandemic response, government-imposed lockdowns, mask mandates, and the efficacy of vaccines gradually emerges, these courageous doctors, medical professionals, and scientists are beginning to receive the vindication they deserve. However, this vindication is unfolding at a sluggish pace and remains incomplete, particularly since mainstream media, steeped in traditional paradigms, continues to drag its feet in acknowledging any wrongdoing or complicity in tarnishing the lives and reputations of thousands of health and wellness professionals who were, in fact, instrumental in saving lives.

As a consumer advocate, my primary objective is to empower the millions of consumers who have placed their trust in me over the last two decades to navigate the challenges of government overreach. It is through the process of learning, carefully examining and analyzing the facts as they are presented, that we can all make informed decisions regarding crucial matters that can profoundly impact not only our own lives but also those of our children and grandchildren. To this end, I am adding links below to information, testimonies, and research which I truly believe everyone, every American, needs to know. I know if you take the time to read through the materials, watch the videos and pray over how you should respond in protection of your live, liberty and health, that we may be able to avoid another incident or chain of events as we just experienced over the past 4 years. The individuals I would like to acknowledge here for their outstanding work, efforts and bravery in the light of the opposition they faced over the past 4 years include, and certainly not limited to: Dr Peter McCullough MD, Senator Ron Johnson, Edward Dowd, Dr. Robert Malone, MD, Robert F Kennedy Jr Dr. Pierre Kory

Stay safe, Healthy and may God bless you and your family in the years to come.

Wayne Warrington, Your Consumer Advocate

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