40 Days and Nights

40 Days and Nights

I didn’t get 40 Days and Nights, as Moses, Elijah & Jesus did… yet I got more than Paul’s 3 days!

And I feel pretty blessed to have had 11 days away from the major stresses of work, community building, masterminding, planning, and basically the day-to-day feeling of overwhelm. I turned off my phones, cancelled appointments, meetings, and business events. Did I escape everything on my plate? No! I had two major investigative client projects that I needed to regroup on. I had several birthday celebrations, from my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday to one of my oldest and dearest friend’s 81st birthday. I got to attend one of the most enjoyable weddings ‘Polynesian style’, and even spend time with my grandkids on another night. There is a point to my story here, and why you are reading this, so stay with me! 🙂

To each of you reading this. “Many are CALLED, but few are chosen!” This parable illustrates that many people have heard the message, both now and throughout history. However, responding to God’s calling is essential. How can one be called yet not chosen?

Some individuals hear the gospel message, but Satan, ‘the evil one,’ snatches it away before they can internalize it. Others receive it joyfully but lack deep conviction, abandoning it when faced with life’s conflicts. Still, some hear it but fail to dedicate the necessary time and attention to nurture it. The seed only takes root in those whom God the Father calls and who willingly follow His path. And I am sure you and I are much alike in the fact we rarely, if ever, find 40 days and 40 nights alone with God to nurture our calling, or even find a clear and convincing step by step guide to lead us along the way. Paul was blinded for 3 days after his encounter with God, and he spent those days fasting and praying for instructions. Through Paul’s example, the take away is this… Some of us must be physically blinded before we can truly see!

How many of us were blinded during the pandemic? How many of us were lied to and allowed those lies to snatch away the truth and life we’ve been so blessed to receive? I find a huge irony in the correlation between Genesis 3:3-5, and the safe and effective announcements by government employees, such as those by Anthony Fauci, which echoed the words of the serpent in the Garden of Eden: ‘You will not die!’ The end result between these two historical events, ‘Eat the Fruit’ and ‘Take the Shot’ may very well end up being one in the same. A very painful future for man.

Why did I need these 11 days to renew my sense of direction and strength? Because like you, I have my breaking point. And, I was losing track of my purpose and missing some of the more important details that I felt God was leaving out of our conversations. Of course being the “flawed” party to the conversations, I am very confident that any confusion or missing elements were based 100% from my human side.

So what happened during these 11 days? I got my strength back, I was filled with His peace throughout, and I was given more details of that which is to come. I refrain from referring to the following as being 100% prophetic words; rather, they are simply words of guidance and warning. If you are not already feeling the disturbance within our country, our world, then you are most likely not whom this message is meant for. However, if you are feeling it, in the very essence of who you are and potentially down to a cellular level, then this message is definitely for you.

2024 is it! This is a turning point for the world. As a Child of God, and one of His warriors, I truly believe NO ONE on earth knows of the date in which Jesus returns. So, this is NOT an END OF TIMES statement. This is a hang on tight folks, the ride may get a little bumpy from here on out. And I speak to you as someone in the know, with experience, as well as some very strong insights spiritually. The corruption runs from the base level of local school boards and State government, to the highest public offices in the land. We are witnessing first hand the results of the corruption within our justice system and the Administration in Washington D.C., we are being overrun in major cities across the country by illegal aliens and foreign terrorist/military actors. Those in control of our government, and thus our lives, have an agenda which is 180% away from that which you and I expect as a citizens of a Republic and Free Nation. Well over 100 million of our citizens have been poisoned, and we are seeing the increase in all cause mortality in every state across our great nation.

I believe I received an answer, or solution, to counter much of the pain and suffering we are headed for in America, which by the way… if America falls, so goes the world. America is the glue that holds together the rest of the world, if not for any other reason than that of our U.S. Constitution. If you would like more details, ask! If you have yet to hug your children “grandchildren” today, do so! If you have not stopped to call and tell those closest to you, ‘I love you’, well now’s a good time to do so. Most importantly, and I say this from personal experience, if you have stepped away from a family member, stopped talking to them over the division happening across our nation over health, politics or “covid” conversations, today’s a great day to bring that to an end and reunite!

I pray for God’s blessing over you and your family. 2024 has three ways to go. Good, Bad or just plain Ugly! Choose wisely.

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