It is Time…

It is Time…

Wayne Warrington Case Referral to State AGs

On January 21st, 2022, following a six-month-long investigation, I composed a criminal case referral letter addressed to various State Attorneys General (AG) and Governors. The basis of the case referral rested on well-documented violations of the Federal RICO Statutes by a myriad of individuals and entities. Despite the extensive documentation and efforts, in many states, the letter seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. While some states acknowledged the receipt of my letter and others had initiated legal actions against the White House to curb mandates related to the Covid-19 vaccination program, they ultimately fell short by not pursuing criminal cases against the perpetrators and participants. This lapse represents a missed opportunity to address what stands as the largest and most elaborate case of organized crime activity ever witnessed in this country.

Shortly after I drafted the letter, I have discovered several others in the fields of law, research, medical professionals and science were working on similar investigations, or general inquiries. as to potentially illegal activities by the subjects of my investigation. Each of these inquiries or investigations were led by some of the most respected preeminent members of their respective professions, many of whom ended up testifying before congressional committees to help expose the corruption and negative effects of the vaccines.

So here we are, some 20 months later, with the evidence piling higher and higher each passing month, and the Administrative branch of the Federal Government is talking, suggesting, pushing a plan for another round of vaccinations “shots” upon the population of America, when medical science from around the world has shown the vaccines are injuring millions of people and killings thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people each month. Sorry Perps, the game is over, the last card played and the curtain has been pulled back to reveal your evil intentions and the cover up by those that have been benefiting financially by the ruse we have been dealing with since March of 2020. It is time we take this to the next level. Let’s start with a Class Action suit against all those involved in the most dangerous experiment on the lives of billions of people around the world, and let’s add to that criminal indictments under the RICO statutes so the ill gotten gains into the hundreds of billions of dollars can be secured to compensate the families of those lost in this battle.

History does not have to repeat itself if we learn the lesson we were intended to learn in the first place. Yet, as a people, we apparently forgot the lesson from decades ago when we discovered our own government was covering up the injuries and deaths caused by a somewhat similar case of the American people being guinea pigs for medical radiation experiments

In 1995, the American public was confronted with a chilling revelation as President Bill Clinton, flanked by a somber Presidential task force, took to the podium to apologize for a dark chapter in the nation’s history—the covert radiation experiments conducted on unsuspecting citizens. The gravity of this admission echoed through the years, marking a moment when the government acknowledged the profound betrayal of trust that had transpired. Fast forward to the present day, and history appears to have taken a hauntingly familiar turn. We find ourselves standing on the precipice of another unsettling disclosure, grappling with the repercussions of a colossal and, arguably, even more costly experiment—one that has exacted a staggering toll on millions of lives.

Over the past few weeks, I received updated documents from Pfizer, the VAERS reporting system and health professionals from around the world. The evidence is clear and the cover up undeniable. Millions of people around the world have been injured, millions have died or now have life threatening illnesses that they may take its toll in the months and few years ahead.

While there is hope from the scientific community that many of those injured may recover and that treatments are being developed to help support the immune systems of those vaccinated, the bottom line is this: the pandemic, whether planned or simply exploited, was controlled by a small number of people and entities with nothing but evil intentions along the way. All those who profited from the pandemic, the rollout, and mandating of an experimental mRNA injection marketed and promoted as a vaccine that would protect against illness, injury, and even death; halt the spread of the Covid-19 virus; and prevent reinfection, now known to be false claims without scientific or medical documentation, should be held responsible for the injuries and deaths caused by the mRNA shots. Brothers and sisters, this farce must stop, and stop now. This is not some conspiracy theory; this is conspiracy fact! To help educate you on what has transpired here and the potential dangers of taking another one of these experimental shots, I will provide you with the straightforward facts of what is now known to be true and what was fabricated to manipulate the majority of the global population into becoming the subjects of the greatest medical emergency hoaxes of all time.

When fighting any war, it is best to know your enemy. Well fortunately today we have compiled the resources to at least understand our enemy to some degree, the degree in which we have been attacked. All you need is the BATCH number from your vaccination record, and we can give you a heads up on the reported illnesses and adverse reactions that you MAY be faced with. There are also body scanning technologies and blood tests we can point you to, to understand where you may be in the battle zone. Stay tuned in for more details each week as I provide the evidence of the criminal activity hidden behind the curtain of deception. Contact my office today, via email, to request reports on the research as to identifying long Covid protocols and testing, or to check on your vaccine batch account data for possible adverse reactions.

Some great eye opening testimonies and reports by leaders in Medicine, Health, Wellness, Science and Law from around the world. Please take the time to become educated, informed and awake as to the facts and truth surrounding the Covid-19 Pandemic, and thus protect yourself, your families and friends from becoming a victim to the largest organized crime event of our lifetime.

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