The Numbers Simply Do Not Add Up!

As an investigator with decades of experience in statistical data and analysis, particularly in actuarial tables, I’ve consistently examined what’s considered normal versus abnormal. In mid-2021, following a business meeting in Las Vegas, I posed a straightforward question to those present: “Do any of you know someone who has died recently or fallen seriously ill …

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Merely a Puppet with Strings Being Pulled

Unraveling the Enigma of Joseph R Biden Jr’s Political Career Over the last five decades, Joe Biden has occupied central positions in the political landscape as a U.S. Senator, then Vice-President, and yet his minor contributions if any have gone unnoticed. His ascent to the most powerful position as U.S. President appears to be a …

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Embracing Holistic Wellness

A New Era of Health and Wellness In a world marked by hectic schedules, information overload, and ever-increasing stressors, it’s no surprise that individuals are prioritizing their health and wellness like never before. This growing trend is not just about hitting the gym or eating more veggies; it encompasses a comprehensive approach to both physical …

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