Merely a Puppet with Strings Being Pulled

Merely a Puppet with Strings Being Pulled

Unraveling the Enigma of Joseph R Biden Jr’s Political Career

Over the last five decades, Joe Biden has occupied central positions in the political landscape as a U.S. Senator, then Vice-President, and yet his minor contributions if any have gone unnoticed. His ascent to the most powerful position as U.S. President appears to be a result of default circumstances, or a controlled approach rather than a trailblazing journey. And, a comprehensive retrospective of the past 50 years reveals a different possible narrative—one that suggests Biden’s political rise to the Presidency might have been orchestrated to serve as a scapegoat, manipulated by individuals working behind the scenes.As the upcoming election looms on the horizon, I believe Biden’s name will be notably absent from the ballot even though he has made his intention on running for a second term openly to the public.  In my humble opinion, Biden’s role has played out, and the higher powers are poised to exploit him as the sacrificial lamb for an even more evil figure waiting in the wings. Alternatively, he might be used to rationalize a monumental paradigm shift currently unfolding before us—an uncomfortable truth we’re hesitant to acknowledge. Biden’s state of mind and overall health have been in question for some time, and this too could provide those really controlling our government and the office of the President with the perfect exit strategy for Biden.  In either case, whether it is the public awareness of corruption within the Biden family, or a sudden downward turn of health, Biden’s chances of being on the Democratic ticket for another term is slim to none.   As for who then will be the nominee, well that can be another article in itself, since there are several members of the Democratic Party that come to mind.As for this planned paradigm shift it has little or no positive elements to it. In fact, the paradigm shift I believe we are about to experience will have several negative elements including the following. 

1.      Disruption: This Paradigm shift is being orchestrated to disrupt established systems, practices, and industries, leading to uncertainty and upheaval. This can be particularly challenging for the tens of millions of individuals and hundreds of thousands of business and charitable organizations that are invested in the old way of doing things.2.      Resistance: People often resist paradigm shifts because they challenge familiar beliefs and norms. This resistance will create tension and conflict, hopefully to slow down the acceptance and implementation of new rules, mandates and restrictions that are designed to eliminate our rights as citizens of the United States.3.      Uncertainty: During this paradigm shift, the rules and principles that once provided a sense of stability may no longer apply. This uncertainty will be unsettling for most all Americans who prefer the freedoms, rights and consistency which are driven by a free society, and not that of a socialist or communist government.

Back to our current debacle, it appears that Biden’s integrity has been compromised over the past decade. His positions within the Federal Government have been leveraged to amass substantial financial gains for his family. The evidence being presented before the U.S. House of Representatives today is undeniable, so glaring that anyone can recognize it. Yet, mainstream media averts its gaze, at least until it receives the proverbial memo. This memo will arrive from the puppet masters who truly control Biden’s office, transforming what appears to be a significant scandal into an even more intricate web of alleged misconduct. These allegations will conveniently intertwine with those false allegations against other political adversaries, individuals the controlling powers are eager to eliminate.

So, what lies ahead? Who should we fear as the upcoming election season approaches? The answer is straightforward: follow the money. Drawing from my extensive experience as a seasoned investigator in financial fraud and organized crime cases, this is the pivotal starting point. Identify those who stand to gain power, wealth, or influence—both in the immediate and distant future—when the body count rises. These are the individuals to be cautious of, the ones you should strive to avoid crossing paths with. So, in the cases of major multi-national corporations, start buying local at every opportunity.  In the case of your health care, look closely and educate yourself on natural ways, products, supplements, and exercise to keep your body healthy.  In the case of government mandates, remember you are an American, with rights that can not be removed or replaced with local, state, or federal government orders or mandates. Learn to assert your rights, with peaceful and open dialog, not in any way that can be twisted as being anti-government or anti-law enforcement.  We are a nation of laws, and the first and fundamental of those laws is our U.S. and State Constitutions.   

Another key figure to monitor is the successor to Biden in the Presidential Nomination in August 2024 for the Democratic Party. This replacement, seemingly brought in to “clean up the mess” left by Biden, is undoubtedly complicit in the grand scheme. They will perpetuate the cycle of corruption. Time is of the essence, with perhaps just a few months, or even mere weeks, before evidence surfaces regarding Biden’s decade-long accumulation of corruption and financial windfalls. As this unfolds and the mainstream media intensifies pressure to push Biden out of office—or at the very least, away from another term—watch carefully for distractions, cover-ups, and smokescreens designed to divert attention from the true machinations behind the scenes.Expect more lock downs, spikes in illnesses, viruses, calls for more vaccine’s “shots”, and even fires – climate disasters, train derailments, bank closures, and other crises intended to sow fear and chaos within our lives, cities, and communities. Whether these events are a part of nature or man-made to keep Americans off balance from their day to day lives, these events will happen to the point every month, most every week, the news feeds will be filled with them.  

Mark my words: the next 17 months represent the final stretch of the game—the fourth quarter of this intricate match, the ultimate overtime ever played out in our lifetimes. What is our saving grace? First and foremost, it is God. For those of us with faith and a relationship with our creator, we can feel confident that the evil in this world will be brought into the light.  Secondly, educate yourself. Arm yourself with knowledge, engage in open dialogues with friends and family, foster local community bonds, and, above all, fiercely safeguard your God-given and constitutional rights—without compromise.This is a war. It may not look like the war you would envision with tanks, and military personnel walking the streets, however it is war all the same.  

As I reflect upon where America sits today, I am reminded of this quote.  In a speech Nikita Khrushchev made before the U.N. in the early years of the Cold War. “America will fall without a shot being fired. It will fall from within.”  There were also some 45 events or goals of the communist party to achieve in order for America to be taken over without a shot being fired.  Take note my friends, we are at the end of this critical war game, not the beginning.  There is no time to waste, yet be faithful in your purpose and protection of your family, community and brothers and sisters in Christ, thus do not be fearful because God’s light is about to shine on the evil in the world so that we all can protect ourselves from its intent to disrupt and even destroy our lives and families for its (their) financial gain or power driven goals. I am including the following from an online source being linked below.   “On January 10, 1963, the House of Representatives and later the Senate began reviewing a document entitled ‘Communist Goals for Taking Over America.’  It contained an agenda of 45 separate issues (attacks and techniques) that, in hindsight, were quite shocking then and equally stunning today.  Over the last 50 plus years since this list was introduced in the House, many things have changed, among them that the Soviet Union is gone and Communism isn’t mentioned by the controlled MSM anymore.  Why? Because the founders of Communism, World Zionism, is now the dominant force in the Western World and controls virtually every major geopolitical, social, cultural and commercial aspect of our existence.  Most importantly, about 27 of the 45 Communist (Zionist) Goals on the original list have been or are being achieved.  See the online source here.

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