2024: The Turning Point

2024: The Turning Point

We must change the path we are on, or lose our country forever.

A Call to Defend Our Future

For those who might view this article as overly dramatic, it’s essential to understand that we find ourselves in the midst of a battle – a battle that might not showcase traditional warfare with visible bombs and armed forces, but a conflict that’s just as real, insidious, and impactful. The impacts might not be immediately evident to all, but make no mistake: our country is under siege.

The weapons of this modern war are diverse and unsettling. They encompass chemical threats, such as the insidious spread of substances like fentanyl. Biological warfare includes the covert contamination of our food supply and medications “shots” we are told we can trust. Even the places we call home are not safe, with the increasing incidents of train derailments and fires that decimate our neighborhoods. The invasion we face is through illegal immigration, with known adversaries and terrorists intentionally placed within our cities. Moreover, psychological warfare has been waged relentlessly for decades, as the minds of our youth have been manipulated, fed stories that paint our nation in the darkest of hues.

America, for decades, has stood as the global vanguard of democracy. However, the adversaries in this war are not foreign governments; they’re a small group of individuals wielding unprecedented control over global finances, our government’s top officials and mainstream media. These powerful entities have stealthily infiltrated our government and corporations, aiming to dismantle the last bastion of defense against their nefarious ambitions.

Despite the concerted efforts over the past decades, despite the manipulation through various means including social media, mainstream media, and oppressive governmental actions which included lock downs and mandates that only recently the masses have come to understand had no benefit to saving lives, this group of elites overlooked a crucial factor: the unwavering spirit of the American people. We are not a nation that surrenders our values or freedoms quietly. We are a nation that fights, perseveres, and prevails.

The year 2024 marks the crossroads of this struggle. It’s the year when the truth of these covert operations will be laid bare before all, both in America and around the world. Ten of thousands of doctors, scientists, attorneys, investigators and government watchdog groups have produced evidence of the crimes against humanity that have been committed. The evil forces orchestrating this grand scheme will be exposed, revealing the extent of their malevolence. In this pivotal year ahead, we, as Americans, will stand united to reclaim our country, our rights, and our future, and to once again be that beacon of hope around the world.

Reclaiming our nation will not be a simple task. The road ahead is fraught with challenges, and the opponents we face have demonstrated their willingness to go to unimaginable lengths to achieve their sinister goals. Their deeds include orchestrating mass casualties, tainting our sustenance, and setting our communities ablaze, while placing blame of the chaos onto a reportedly flawed human experiment called America. Their aim is to instill fear, uncertainty, and despair, to make us vulnerable to their proposed solutions. However, their solutions, just as the solutions they offered and baited us with in 2020-2021, will not go unrecognized for what they truly are, which is short term relief for the problems and pain they themselves have orchestrated. We will see through the veil of deception this time and no longer allow our countrymen, our brothers and sisters in faith, and our children to fall prey to these destructive measures.

Yet, there is a formidable strength they underestimated – the unyielding resolve of over 100 million Americans who are steadfast in their refusal to submit, rooted in their unwavering faith in God. A united front is forming, echoing a resounding “NO!” to their offers of false protection, to their plans that threaten our liberties. We stand resolute, declaring that their dominion over our lives shall not come to pass, for our trust in God’s protection is the cornerstone of our ability to overcome the malevolence we now face.

As we confront this epochal turning point, we must remember that our stance is not one of blind defiance, but of principled resistance. It’s a testament to the enduring spirit that defines America. Our collective voice holds the power to thwart their designs, to protect the democratic ideals that have defined us for centuries.

The year 2024 is not just a year of reckoning, but a year of resurgence. It’s the year we rally around our shared values, our shared history, and our shared aspirations. We emerge as a beacon of hope and resilience, demonstrating to the world that our unity prevails over their division, our determination overpowers their manipulation.

In the face of adversity, we find opportunity – an opportunity to rebuild, to strengthen, and to forge a path forward that safeguards our liberties and secures our legacy for generations to come.

This is why I’m still here. I’ve realized my life’s purpose through my experiences, and it’s clear why God has protected me time and again. My life has been filled with blessings, and as I share my story, I want to be honest with all who are open to God’s message. What I’ve shared is real, and the details I’ve talked about over the past 18 months are well-documented.

For more than 20 years, I worked on complex cases involving financial fraud and organized crime. I was good at what I did, trusted by top CEOs, government agencies, and financial institutions to solve tough cases. My skills as an investigator have now led me to uncover a bigger puzzle – one that connects events like the pandemic, conflicts, crises at the border, fires, train accidents, and more.

In this puzzle, all these events are related, like pieces of a bigger picture. But whenever someone questioned these events or suggested something wasn’t right, they were dismissed as conspiracy theories. The challenge with these theories is that they often become real when facts emerge. So, those in the mainstream media or who were hiding the truth tried to divert attention by creating new crises or blaming others. This trick worked for a while, but after using it multiple times, people started to see through it and think, “Maybe it’s time to question this. Maybe it is time to get off this train.”

These are tough times, and I’m not just a spectator – I’m here to share a message. My life’s journey and my expertise on putting complex criminal cases together, have led me to uncover hidden patterns, to find the truth behind the confusion. I want my story, I want my knowledge along with the abilities God has blessed me with to be a guiding light for those who are curious to know more. Certainly most everyone at this stage understands there is something just wrong about the story line we have been fed by the various government agencies and other organizations, i.e. CDC, FDA, NIAID, WHO, WEF. Unless they are living under a CNN rock someplace, they must be asking themselves, why are so many of my family and friends becoming chronically ill when they were so healthy just a year or two ago. Why are hundreds upon hundreds of young athletes dying of heart attacks, why is all cause mortality rates up 40%, why are we having pilots suing airlines and FAA over shot mandates. I will be adding links in the near future to related new articles and online sources to help everyone with their research.

With our faith as a foundation, we can face the darkness. Just as God has guided me through challenges, we can come together with unwavering determination to reclaim our control, our future, and our freedom. The pieces of their puzzle are becoming clearer. As each piece falls into place, the truth will shine through, dispelling the shadows and showing us the way forward.

The year 2024 is our call to action, our rallying cry, and our turning point. Together, let us rise, let us reclaim, and let us triumph over the forces that seek to dim the light of democracy.

Wishing each of you reading this the best of health, happiness and God’s protection as the year ahead comes into focus and we start to see the events to come unfold. Thank you for sharing my articles with those you love and want to be informed as well. Wayne

Wayne Warrington
Consumer Advocate
Mesa, Az (USA)

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