We the People

We the People

What’s on my mind? America! Our rights are being stripped away, one right after another. I was born and raised in a Republican family, with members of our family and close friends serving in the White House, Congress, and the US Senate. Today, the system is broken, and it is not the fault of either the Republicans or the Democrats. It is the evil in this world that is pushing us to the brink of demise. So, I pose this question to everyone reading this: Isn’t it time we put partisan politics aside and FIX our country? Let’s come back to the center, have logical, open, and spirited debates/discussions over the important issues, and move away from a far-left/far-right, no one-wins approach to the future of our country. For God’s sake, this is the only way our children and their children will live in a free country for generations to come.

The three words in the above title are powerful when written together. At least they are in my mind. However, I have to remind myself that I grew up in a time where we respected our country, our men and women in uniform, our congressional leaders, our spiritual leaders, and our flag. We recited the Pledge of Allegiance every morning as we started our day at school. We prayed and gave thanks over our food before eating, and prayed before we placed our heads on our pillows for the night. I was raised in a different time than what many are experiencing today. I thought, for the most part, that I raised my children with these same values; however, I am sure I fell short at times.

We can still right the ship. We can still protect our children and grandchildren, and we can still be loving, kind, compassionate, and far from perfect humans as God designed us to be. Our imperfections were strategically a part of our Creator’s design. If each of us were perfect, we would never need the support/guidance of one another, nor would we need God to be there to pick us up when we fall.

The bottom line here, just my humble opinion, which I refer to as “Wayne’s Take,” is this. We the People not only have rights afforded to us under our Constitution, but we also have obligations to one another. We are obligated to hold accountable all those who may have strayed from their sworn duties as elected officials. We need to demand that they uphold our Constitution, preserve and protect our Constitution, and fulfill the promises they made to us, We the People, when we entrusted them with the positions we elected them to serve. If any elected official fails to uphold and protect our Constitution and listen to our calls for them to serve in a manner that aligns with their commitments to the people they represent, then we have an obligation to remove them from office. If any elected official, or any government appointee or employee, were to abuse the power or authority “We the People” have delegated to them, then they should be removed from office and, if appropriate based upon their actions, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Just my take here. However, I am starting to see many more American are feeling the same way.

Please reach out to me if you have desire to help right the ship and bring America back on course. May God bless America and protect us this day and always from oppression and from the evil in this world.

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