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With over 40 years of experience, Wayne has been a distinguished provider of free resources, enabling millions of Americans to recover over $3 billion through his LostMoney Consumer Reports. As a former renowned background and financial fraud investigator for government agencies, fortune 100 clients, and major financial institutions, Wayne’s expertise led him to the mission of safeguarding consumers by sharing his knowledge, resources, and expertise. His unwavering commitment to consumer protection empowers individuals with the tools they need to make informed financial and health decisions and navigate the complex landscape of consumer rights.

Wayne’s Service

Wayne’s Services encompass a comprehensive range of expertise, focusing on the intricate realms of Health, Wellness, Estate, and Constitutional Rights. With decades of experience and a distinguished background in the Investigative industry, Wayne offers invaluable resources and knowledge to protect consumers and small business owners in these complex areas. His dedication to safeguarding individuals’ rights ensures that they can make informed decisions regarding their health, well-being, estates, and constitutional protections, empowering them with the necessary tools for a secure and informed future.


Wayne offers vital assistance to consumers and small business owners facing government overreach that infringes upon their constitutional rights. With expertise in navigating issues of abuse of power and limitations on personal freedoms related to health and wellness, he provides guidance to protect individuals and businesses from undue restrictions and ensures the preservation of their rights.


Wayne provides invaluable services as a business mentor, mediator, and small business consultant. With his extensive experience and expertise, he guides entrepreneurs and small business owners, offering strategic advice, resolving conflicts, and providing tailored solutions to help them thrive and succeed in their ventures.

Wayne’s Take

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
A thousand words can’t not come close to express our feelings over the injustice and attacks upon...
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Game Over ... Biden Out!
The 2024 Presidential Debate was the end of the Biden Administration. The 2024 Presidential Debate...
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They Should Learn From the Past!
It appears the EVIL within, and controlling, our Government is doubling down. A former President of...
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40 Days and Nights
I didn’t get 40 Days and Nights, as Moses, Elijah & Jesus did… yet I got more than Paul’s...
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The Cat is Out of the Bag
The largest Pfizer litigation is headed to a State near you! In January 2022 I drafted a Criminal Case...
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The Numbers Simply Do Not Add Up!
As an investigator with decades of experience in statistical data and analysis, particularly in actuarial...
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1917 WW1 Cease Fire
December a Time of Peace, A Century Ago:
“A Century Ago: The Unlikely Christmas Truce of 1917 and its Relevance Today” In the chilling...
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Reality and Perspective
Consider your perspective...
before you allow your reality to be that of the masses. What a wonderful and amazing Thanksgiving meal...
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America Freedom Rights
No Place To Go
If America falls, we have no place to go! For decades, people from around the world have sought refuge...
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