by: Wayne Warrington

In today’s fast paced world with tweets, blogs, article farms, white papers and a host of other forms or methods to communicate… Why write a book?

I recently read a new book announcement by an author from Japan that included the following statement as to why he decided to write his book.

“To record the history. How did I get here? What is the path that I have traveled personally and that Rakuten has traveled as an entity? I’m often asked. This is my chance to share the story of how we came to be and where I think we are going.

As quickly as the world moves today, it pays to sometimes slow the information down, consider it, review it, perhaps spend more than just a thumb-twitch with it before moving on to the next information nugget. I invite you to join me in this experience.

His statement as to slowing things down, to record the history, is what hit me the hardest. At my age I am starting to realize the speed at which we travel from our 20s to our 50s and then of course to the end of our time here.  I glance over to my book shelves and see dozens of books that I am still just getting into the first chapters all the while “my books” that remain in rough draft form or in the hands of the editors are still just works in progress.  I have never stop to think… what if they never do get published?  What if I get to busy or let life pass by all to quickly not to be around for the final draft, the printed version? Why write a book

At this point my mind quickly shifted to my mother’s manuscript which to this day, years after her passing, remains in her hand written notes.  My mother was a wonderful woman with God’s love for mankind ever present in her daily life and though her interaction with all that she met.  How could she not have finished her book and allowed her message, her philosophy reach others whose lives could be touched in a way that would serve the greater good of all.

Why write a book?  The better question is… Why NOT write a book?  With today’s technology, self publishing options, speed to press, e-book versions, tablets, smart phones, laptops and computers that are in virtually every home in America… what is your excuse as to why you have not taken the time to put down in writing the thoughts that fill your mind as to where you have been, what you have seen and how others can learn from your experiences.

I remember asking my mother at times about where she stood with “her book”.  And her reply was always the same. My book, while it may be of interest to many, is more importantly being written for just a few… our family! Her goal was to tell her story to our family, to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She simply just ran out of time.

So whether you have something you want to say to the world, or to just a few that are close to you. Write it!  Publish it! And make it a part of history and part of the legacy you leave behind. It may be as simple as a few words tied together that represent that ONE THING which you believe in your heart to be a truth that generations from now will be considered a famous or insightful quote. Or maybe those few words as they come to your mind and you see appear on the paper before you, will mature in to much more. A paper, a chapter a book!

Wishing each of you the best in this day and with God’s blessings always, and remember… “Together we CAN make a difference!”


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