Is there one single idea, concept or new tech advancement that will change our lives in 2013?
by: Wayne Warrington

The news stands are filled with magazines with New Year’s TIPS and thoughts from so many people and the online sources such as LinkedIn has the same to offer us as we work are way closer to the new year.  2013 The Change to Come

Instead of reading dozens of journals, articles, books and blogs, I thought my readers may like to view the highlights right here in one simple collection from some of the world’s leaders in business and personal enlightenment.
What will be the biggest thing in the year ahead!

These are simple quotes from real people… business people… you and me…. those that took the time to provide their insight… and then of course from leaders in marketplaces and industries around the world.  As I find them, as you send them in,  I will add them.  So bookmark this page for updates. If there are full stories behind the comment, I will link them as well so you can enjoy the writer’s full insight.

1.  Sallie Krawcheck: Fix a Woman’s Workday, Fix the Economy

2. T. Boone Pickens: Governors Take Energy Into Their Own Hands

3. Richard Branson: This Year, the War on Drugs Ends

4. Arianna Huffington: The Year We Prioritize Beating Stress

5. Wayne Warrington: Barter, Exchange & Swaps – The New Middle Class Economy

6. Naomi Simson: In Search of our Noble Purpose

7. James Caan: Young People Will Rescue the Economy

8.  Dan Sanker: Collaboration Over Competition

9. More to come…

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