The positive thoughts we possess allow us to move forward in life.

Have you ever wondered why we dream when we sleep, or what purpose our dreams have in our life?  Do you remember every dream?  Wake up in the morning and can not remember what you were dreaming throughout the night?

The reason we dream is so our minds can experience ahead of time..For me, I believe we dream so that our minds can experience ahead of time that which we can become.  Each of us has a purpose here.  Each of us has a greatness that rests within us … simply waiting to be discovered.

I thought for sure I had experienced my “personal” greatness in my late 20s and early 30s, as I achieved certain major goals in my career.  It wasn’t until 2006 that I realized that my purpose in life was to become much more meaningful than what I had experienced, and more importantly my purpose was still a work in progress.

For the past seven years I have worked as a consumer advocate without seeking compensation from those I serve. I committed to the American public that I would help them recover the money owed to them by the thousands of unclaimed property holders across the country and to do so without asking them to pay me for the service. This has been one of the most rewarding times in my business life and it wasn’t until this morning that as I woke up I realized it has actually been part of my dreams for years.  Maybe it was what is referred to as a “deja vu moment”.  Whatever it was, it brought a sense of peace to me as well as a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to complete that which I promised the American consumers that I would do.  What came to mind was the statement I have printed on the image above. We do dream so our minds can experience ahead of time that which we are to become. This certainly can explain why sometimes we choose a path in life that others look at and question if we have lost our marbles! 🙂  Our dreams, whether remembered or not, could be driving us to the greatness that God intended us to achieve.

We also have the other side of the world. Have you ever had a night where you simply could not fall asleep with all the worries on your mind from the day you just finished, or over the worries and fears of what tomorrow brings?  Obviously we all have. This is one of the reasons why positive thoughts are so important in our life and they help keep us motivated, keep us in faith and in balance with life.  Negative thoughts are all the result of one primary emotion. FEAR!  And fear is something that to me is generated from external sources and not from within.  The only reason we have negative thoughts is because we allowed some element of fear to enter our mind.  Fear of losing someone in your life. Fear of losing our job, our home, our car or our health.  When you are operate in fear, you do not sleep well and your dreams can quickly turn in to nightmares.

I have a dear friend that struggles with fear items from time to time. And I suggested to my friend that they take the same medicine I do.  My medicine comes in doses of positive thoughts.  I make a list of the things I am grateful in life for.  My fiancee’, my children, my health, my friends, my ability to serve others and of course most important my relationship and faith with God.  Whether you are spiritual or not, a positive attitude, positive thoughts, keeping a list of that which you are grateful for, will serve you well and allow you to rest easy and DREAM so that your mind can experience that which your future is meant to be.

God bless and my best to you for success and happiness.  Wayne

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