So as careful as I am NOT to fall into data capturing traps, someone within my six degrees “and yours I would presume” did fall into the trap.

Six Degrees Destroys Facebook

Cambridge Analytica got my data from a friend of mine connected to me on Facebook.  So what of my data has been compromised?

My entire profile, my name, my occupation, my date of birth, my phone, my email, my place of birth, my personal interests.

The good news is we can track much of what has been stolen online.  The bad news is… the information is out there and there is no bringing it back.   It can be sold, will be sold and will be used for a variety of purposes from selling you stuff, to displaying Ads, to overwhelming your inbox and text messaging to… well the worse option, stealing your ID and reeking havoc on your credit and reputation.

If you want to know more about what happened to your personal data and how to protect yourself from it being used against you then contact my office.  If you would like help protecting your ID and all your personal information from scams, we can help with that as well.

Happy e-surfing and be safe out there.  Wayne Warrington

Wayne Warrington Class Actions, Consumer Advocate, Fraud, Scams

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