So as the weekend approached and I was enjoying dinner with a good friend at a local restaurant and talking about the exciting events coming up this next week, I started to reflect on the famous TAG line from VISA.  It’s everywhere you want to be!   And well… I had to chuckle a bit because I knew that my Visa was at that moment in two places.  One obviously with me in Arizona at this local restaurant and then unfortunately it was at 30,000 feet in the air on Bangkok Airlines where a man was fraudulently using it for first class travel overseas.

Fraudulent use of your VISA

Why did I find humor in this… it’s because by the most amazing stroke of luck, just two hours earlier I was on the phone with my bank when a charge was posting to my Visa for the purchase of the first class tickets on Bangkok Airlines.  So I was able to have my bank report it immediately as a fraudulent charge and I was simply at this moment hoping that when that man stepped off the plane, that maybe the airline authorities would be able to apprehend him.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of that happening “the thief being pick up” is actually less than the likelihood that you will become a victim of ID Theft or have your credit card number stolen .

In America over 11 million consumers will have their ID stolen in 2014, with the same number reported last year in 2013.

As reported this past week, Home Depot had a security breach and it appears I am one of the hundreds of thousands of victims of that breach since I used this particular VISA card there a few months ago.  You would think that Home Depot is a safe place to shop and use your credit or debit card. Think again!

As I have reported to my consumer base over the years, through my special ID Theft reports, being careful with where and how you use your credit and debit cards is becoming more and more important as these security breaches and hackers reach deep into the computer pockets of major retailers everywhere.  There is also a threat closer to home and that rests with our local retailers and restaurants where every day we take a chance when we hand over our VISA, AMEX and MASTERCARD to waiters, waitresses or bartenders and think all is safe.   I have actually found the answer to that threat and it is fool proof.  I mean there is no way you can be a victim of credit card theft from any retailer or online merchant if you use this method.  I of course did not follow my own advice a few months ago at Home Depot… and now I am a statistic in the ID Theft database too.

If you would like to receive a copy of my report on ID Theft the secrets and the fixes…. simply contact me by EMAIL.

Wishing you all a safe and happy month ahead and BE CAREFUL with who you give out your credit/debit card number to.

Wayne Warrington

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