And certainly not for any small amount.  $64 Million to be exact.

The class action suit was brought down on the Mobile phone giant over allegations of over-billing on its Family Plan.

If you were a Verizon customer between the years 2001 and 2006 and on its Family Plan as a SharePlan member,  you may be eligible for a portion of the settlement.

The settlement is delivered through a series of cash payments, phone bill credits and a special pPIN number for members to use for domestic or international calls.

Class Action against Verizon

Verizon is not the only mobile phone company to the target of class action suits.  AT&T agreed to pay $105 million over claims it over charged customer bills with bogus text charges.

For more details on the Verizon settlement, click here.

The settlement calls for the company to pay $37.5 million to a fund that will be used to distribute cash and/or phone bill credits to qualified groups.

Also the company will need to supply members of the in-network members with special PIN numbers that will be used for both domestic and international calls. The value for this part of the settlement is set  at $27.5 million dollars.

Connecting you with class action suit settlements is a part of the free consumer reporting system.  With billions of dollars available in class action suits, which can be claimed by millions of consumers across the country, there  is a good chance you or someone in your family has a claim available to them today.

Filing a claim to recover lost money from a class action suit is fairly easy sometimes compared to making a claim for unclaimed property at your local state UCP office, so get your free family profile set up today at


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