I learn from mistakes as well as from successes. I see the learning process as my opportunity to gain additional wisdom to share with others.


Life’s journey is full of learning experiences. This means you have unlimited opportunities to learn and grow. It is unfortunate that so many people are conditioned to view and accept mistakes as failures. They are not failures. Mistakes are building blocks which allow us to develop strength, to gain insight, to mature, to acquire knowledge and to prove out ability to accept more responsibility by overcoming the adversity mistakes may garner.

Take something of value from the mistakes you make. Stop, think and reflect about them, and then take with you the lessons you need in order to grow and get to the next level in your personal development. Do not allow you life’s journey to be thwarted by mistakes. Use these precious stepping stones to elevate yourself to a higher leval of knowledge, experience and wisdom; then success will be delivered to you.

Personally… I think this is one of the most important affirmations within my day. I was once in a relationship where my significant other continued to beat down on my about my “failures” my mistakes in business. Interestingly enough she never did this when times were good, only when times where challenging.  In the years where wealth was abundant not a peep from her, yet as soon as a business deal would not play out as hoped for… it was obvious to her that it was a failure and I should have never even considered it in the first place.

I remember after about a year of this mental and emotional beating, that I was really feeling quite low on myself and things instead of getting better, were heading the opposite direction.  My motivation was gone. My expectations were diminished.  And I actually stopped believing in myself.  I remember thinking to myself… what the heck is going on? I have achieved so much in business how can this be happening to me.  So I took out a pad and pen and started writing down all my failures! I made two columns on the pad. Failures on the right and successes on the left.  I did them in ORDER of the dates involved, starting back from my first business at the age of 12.   WOW… the light bulb went off.  As my life “successes and failures” were being laid out on the paper, I realized that every single time I had a challenge in life, that the next success was in part due to the lessons I had learned before.

I also noticed something very important.  My successes in life far out weighed my failures “lessons” by way of financial gain.  It was almost as if the lessons were there to support and enhance my ability to achieve success on the next venture.

Needless to say… my confidence came back… my ability to build companies and make a success out of the next venture was back on target.  So my point here is this… never let anyone beat you down over your mistakes. INCLUDING yourself!  Learn from them, add them to your arsenal of experiences which brings you wisdom and strength.


Today I will stop, think, and reflect on my past mistakes. I will discover the reason why these mistakes were made and I will elevate myself to a new level of achievement with the valuable insight I have gained.

COMMENTS:  A very special thanks to John Alexandrov for his partnering here with the Affirmations of Wealth book content.  For more daily affirmations, simply search under John’s name here on my site.   Blessings to all. Wayne


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