State and provincial governments working together to safeguard and return your lost funds.  Yes or No?

One of the most frequently asked questions by the audiences I speak to is this.  Why should I use to search for my unclaimed property when I can search the government’s websites for free? The answer is a bit involved and so let me hit the four top reasons.

1.  The State and Federal Government, whether they would like you to believe it or not… are NOT working together to safeguard and return your lost funds as promoted on the state and NAUPA sponsored website.  The simple way to verify this is go to their website Missing Money and click on the link for the States supporting the site.  You will notice that states such as California and NY, two of the largest sources of Unclaimed Property in the USA do not report the unclaimed accounts they are holding, which by the way represents billions of dollars.  Additionally, there are states that only partially report their accounts through Missing Money and thus your search results will not be accurate.

2.   95% of your lost money is NOT in the hands of the State Unclaimed Property Offices and so using their website will only help you find less than 5% of what you could be claiming.

3. is a 100% free consumer website with no advertisements, no fees (upfront or otherwise), and has been online since 1996 helping millions of Americans connect with their unclaimed property.   LostMoney is a privately funded and sponsored consumer service operating on a principal of paying it forward.   As its founder,  my mission is to serve consumers “our members”  in such a way to not only protect their interests in the unclaimed property belonging to their family, but to help connect those consumers seeking my advice or recommendations in other areas with the best professional services and products that can enhance their lives.

4. not only helps connect consumers with all unclaimed property in the world, well over One Trillion Dollars of it, supports humanitarian efforts along the way by asking its members to support local, national and International charities with optional donations from the funds LostMoney helps the consumer collect.

The above reasons truly makes not only the most valuable resource in North America today for the recovery of Unclaimed Property, it makes it the most promising website in the world to facilitate a positive change for worthwhile charities globally.

Today maintains over 1.4 million consumer family profiles, that each year can be connected to the millions of new unclaimed property accounts being reported.   However this is not enough.  Our goal is to serve a base of 10 million or more consumers for 2015-2016 and to help these consumer recover their portion of the $50 plus billion in unclaimed property just sitting and waiting to be claimed. This is a big task. However it is a task worth pursuing and I ask for your help today by spreading the word about and its free consumer services.

Start your family search today by going to LOSTMONEY and completing our short family search profile form.  If you have already taken this step then go to our first database search page HERE and search for each of your family members.  If you have done that then make sure you click on each possible matching accounts and submit them to LostMoney’s research via the process at the bottom of that page.  If you have completed both of the above steps then finally go to THIS PAGE and add more of your family members and details that can help us with the personalized reporting for you.   Remember, there is NO single database in the world for unclaimed property, there are tens of thousands of sources and less than 1% of those share their information as to the lost money they are holding for you and your family.

Thank you and may God bless you and your family in all ways possible.

Wayne Warrington


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