There are so many ways to look at today, none of which should be based upon the election polls or the commercials we are being inundated with hour after hour.

The Presidential election being held today, is in my opinion, the most important election of the past 100 years.  Our country has been headed down a slippery slope for the past 5 years (actually longer and we choose not to admit it) and so we are on the brink of a major shift in world power in a number of ways.

The individual that holds the office of President of the United States for the next 4 years will have a significant influence over the direction our country takes for the next quarter of a century.  In 2008 there was a massive push for change.  We all wanted it, we all needed to feel like America was moving forward and the ills of the past, principally separation and segegration of our citizens, was history and not a part of our future. The end result can be seen in the chart to the right as the results of the election are shown.2008 Presidential Election Results

And the people spoke through the electoral vote process and Obama became our President.  Most Americans saw this as the change that was needed. Many saw this as the beginning of the end. There was only one thing that swayed my vote during the campaign process for 2008 and that was a statement by Obama during the President debates.  When ask about how he would address a particular issue the country was facing, his response was “with all that our country needs today, I will most likely address that issue in my second term!”  This statement was the turning point for me in the 2008 election.   For those of my readers that do not know my political background, I was born and raised in a Republican household.  As a young boy I was on the campaign trail with my parents and had members of congress at our home on many occasions. However, in my early years as an adult, I started to question the whole political process and came to develop a very deep understanding of the way our government works and what does NOT work.  As a consumer advocate, my voice today is used to protect the rights of the American people, all of them…. not just republicans, democrats or independents … so I chose NOT to tell people who I think they should vote for, I simply remind people to VOTE!  Your voice needs to be heard. Not just today by the vote you place, but EVERY DAY as we move forward with the changes needed in America.

Do not STOP voicing your opinion through the voting process, but be active by making our congressmen and President accountable for the promises they make when running for office and even more important… this promise that is made the date of taking office. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

The Constitution of the United States of America. Those words, that document along with the Bill of Rights are and shall forever remain the foundational element that ensures our freedom and our ability as Americans to be part of the strongest nation in the world.  It is be putting the constitution aside and moving towards a socialist state that we lose our rights, our freedom and MORE importantly we lose our motivation to be all we dream we can be.

Let me give you one more motivating thought on this election day… a thought that should help you get out and VOTE today.  From the voters, business owners, Christians “people of faith”, unemployed, under employed, retired and those coming out of college seeking to find their piece of the America dream, the following graphic depicts the results of today’s election…. IF EVERYONE THAT I HAVE TALKED TO, HEARD FROM, GETS OUT AND VOTES. If everyone gets out to vote... here is My Take!

Of course the number I have spoken to are a SMALL sampling of America, however “disclaimer” This is JUST MY TAKE! 🙂

So, if any one of you sits at home and fails to vote, the election may NOT turn out as YOU would like, whether you are voting for Obama or for Romney, the fault rests in you for not exercising your right to have your voice heard.

As for me, my prayer is this, since I believe that no matter who wins the election, we are going to be faced with tremendous changes ahead and we could use all the heavenly influence and direction available to the leaders of our country.   “Oh heavenly father, I pray that those placed in positions of authority and power within our country be guided by your LOVE and your blessings upon Americans not only to survive, but thrive in the years ahead. May peace be part of our future, prosperity and love fill our homes and hearts each day. May the greed and self interests of those in positions of trust in our nation’s capital be replaced with care and compassion for all of mankind. Amen ”


Wayne Warrington Consumer Advocate, Politics

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