Technology May Bring Us Full Circle. Are You Ready for the Trip?

Over just over 100 years ago our nation started to manufacture the first line of automobiles. This was a major advancement in our society and to the way we traveled to and from work. 

For many they lived in rural areas with small dirt roads to connect them to the towns miles away.

I remember growing up as a small boy and going on vacations to small towns in northern Arizona, the pine country as we called it, and seeing roads such as these.  Well, over the past 30 years as my work has taken me to many cities around the country, I have found myself trapped in the traffic jams and the delays and frustration of getting from point A to B just in time to leave again to get to the next appointment.

My point, or MY TAKE, is this.  Technology has come a very long way and I think it has created almost a full circle for us with respect to the road we can or will travel in the future. Just ten years ago I absolutely had to be in my office in order to get work out the door, or to communicate effectively with clients across town or in the next state. Today, by way of my mobile phone, my Android Tablet or my laptop computer… I can be productive in work and communications with clients across town or even around the world while never leaving the comfort of my home.

We can live where we want to, work where we want to and for the most part eliminate the traffic jams of life in 90% of our days.  So… why wait?  Why be adding to the pollution, to the stress and frustration that millions of Americans face every single day.  There are some very simply steps to take to move out of the daily grind and into a life filled with the country roads such as the one in the picture. I would love to share these steps “these success tips” with you, if you are one of those willing to move out of the norm and into a future that is possible through technology and partnering relationships.  You can write to me at humanity2009 at gmail dot com if you would like to start down this new path.

To my readers, best wishes for your success and happiness always, Wayne






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