Never under estimate the benefits of wine! 🙂  

All across America consumers are discovering the health benefits of wine. Not wine in excess, but rather a glass with dinner, a glass while in conversation with friends or maybe just as you are unwinding from a busy

For over 14 years now I have been involved in the wine industry in one capacity or another.  My favorite area deals with wine classes and tastes.

It was through these experiences that I discovered that breaking bread with friends, business associates or co-workers is one of the most important things you can do to build relationships.  At a wine taste you will find many people from all walks of life and of all ages finding common ground with others that they normally would never think to approach or open a conversation.  I have seen 70 year old ladies in deep conversation with gentlemen half their age as they discuss their likes and dislikes of various wines during a wine taste event.  I have seen new relationships develop, lasting relationships, between the oddest of couples when they discover their mutual interests in the grape.

This article is being written as the beginning of a series covering Wine and the benefits wine promotes within the areas of  health, social and business in our lives.  I will be exploring all the expert views on the benefits of wine and looking for your feedback as well.  One such benefit is the potential reduction of your risk of heart disease.

I am also pleased to announce the opening of a new wine club in Arizona that will serve as a great venue for members to find common ground and help grow their business.

Contact me for more details on membership if you resident in Arizona.

Cheers, Wayne
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