Many of the economists have predicted that the USA has nothing left up its sleeve with respect to the next big boom in our economy.  I tend not to agree.

I see several incredible opportunities for investments and booms in America over the next decade.  Investment wise I believe that you can not go wrong with:  Oil, Gold, Currency (not necessarily the USD) and Domains.

For me the real estate market is still too risky and renting vs owning is making more sense these days.  Real Estate was for decades the safe bet for you to be able to sock away your savings and watch it grow over time to yield a debt free asset “your home”, or some small income assets “rental properties” which had appreciated to the point many individuals were considered millionaires with the equity they had build in just under 10 years.  Unfortunately as we all know, and painfully felt, the real estate bubble burst and we are now sitting 10 years in the hole equity wise and WORSE… there is no mortgage money for any investment properties, only single family home loans which are difficult to close on without a substantial down payment.

So my buy order is being placed with Gold, Oil, Currency and Domains.  The biggest value I believe we will see being returned over the next 10 years will be in the area of virtual real estate.  One of the leading authorities on domain sales and investments that I follow puts it this way.  In NYC you can find real estate renting for $2,500.00 a square foot. Investors love to buy property “for cash now” and rent the property out with long term gains being realized year after year.  Internet domains are quickly becoming part of the same business model.  The only difference between real estate and virtual real estate is you can only get one, or one and these pieces of the virtual real estate market have zero restrictions on their growth or income potential.

As an example, from this same expert in the domain market, a little know web site in 2009 called was earning $100.00 a day from its web traffic.  It was sold for some where around $1.3 million.  And the new owner added a few fixtures, painted a few walls, threw down a rug in the entry way and within the next few months increased the profits to well over $3 million dollars.   Try doing that with a condo or apartment on Fifth Ave in NYC.

The best part about it is there will never be more than 1 ever!  And the marketplace and income potential have no ceiling in sight.

There are several key elements in making a domain and its website profitable. Just like the owner did for… added some paint, fixtures, etc.  However the foundational value is in the NAME itself.  If you have a single word domain name such as, etc you have a multi-million dollar asset at its very least.  Just ask a retail giant whether they would be willing to give up their store front on Fifth Ave in NYC or their dot com domain.  Hands down the dot com has become the most valuable strategic asset a company can own.

Yesterday, I received at my front door a plastic bag with paper book in it. I started to toss it in to the recycle bin and all of a sudden a thought came to mind. Do people even use this anymore… this Yellow Page book!  So I opened it up to all the wonderful business advertisers and what jumped out at me,,, Ad after Ad after Ad was this.  Each company that had any form of Ad, large medium or small, all had their WEB DOMAIN prominently displayed.  Not their street address. Not their sale of the year. It was their domain name.

A business may move its location down the street, across town and even open doors in 100 cities across the country, the constant element from this day forward is its domain name. It will never change, not this year, next year or in 20 years. Dot Com Real Estate is and going to continue to be a huge money maker for business owners, entrepreneurs and Domainers for the next decade and beyond.

Go prospecting today and dig up some of that domain gold just waiting to be mined on the Internet today. Remember, the best long term investment method we can take a lesson from is rentals, income properties.  Find a great domain name… build it up and lease it out. Joint Venture with some one that has the retail or wholesale business that matches it. This can result in a lifetime of residual income.

If you are interested in getting in on the Domain marketplace, FarSuperior Partners, LLC is a national organization with hundreds of domains for JV partnership opportunities, or high end high quality TDL domains for lease… some for sale.   Here is a list of some of the domains available today.  For more details on these domains and others… drop us a note at Wayne at

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