on the other side of the fence!  Or is it?

It never ceases to amaze me that as we go through life, that virtually everything we look at we tend to believe that what we do not have is better than what we do have.

grass_greener_fenceWith respect to the common quote is “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!”  I have come to the realization in my life that it is not greener, it has simply been covered with a different form of manure.

Take relationships as an example.  If we fall in love with one eye closed and then when our eyes are fully open, we look at a relationship someone else has, or we look at the grass that does not belong to us and we think… man I wish I had that relationship or I wish I was with that person, surely none of the problems or stress I am encountering today would be there if I was in that beautiful field of grass down the road. 🙂

The irony is..  no matter what field of grass you pitch your tent in, if you do not take care of the grass you have, if you do not understand what it needs to grow and to stay as green as grass can be… well, it will fade, it will dry up.  It will stop looking like the field you walked into a month, a year or a decade ago.

The other interesting thing I have discovered is the lengths in which we will go in order to get our hands on the grass on the other side.


If we fail to appreciate what we have or take care of what we have… we will do virtually anything to obtain that which we do not have!  And in most cases… we simply find out that what we thought we wanted really is not what we wanted at all.

This can be applied to our work, our home, our family, our friends, our finances, our health and more.

If you live in a really nice two bedroom condo, with all the comforts at home… with a mortgage or rent payment you can afford, that allows you to put away a few dollars in savings or pay off debt, then why is it that the 5 bedroom house down the street becomes an obsession to you.  Why do you feel your current home is holding you back from being happy, successful, fulfilled.

If you drive a 8 year old car that is in good condition, gets great gas mileage, is comfortable and you own it debt free, why is that 2014 Sports car is in your mind every minute of the day when you know the payments are not in your budget and the insurance will triple your monthly expense.

No I am NOT saying we should not desire or strive for a better life, better living conditions, better relationships.   What I am saying is we should take account of what is truly important in life, count our blessings, stop looking across the road at the neighbor’s house, car or grass 🙂 and start enjoying life in a more peaceful and less stressful way.

The number one cause of premature death and illness is stress.  The stress we put on ourselves or that we allow others to put on us, that takes away from the beauty of life itself.

My life changed big time 8 years ago.  Changed to the point where I had it all. Or at least I should have realized I had it all.  Not all of the above elements were in place for me… such as I was not in a relationship. However, I had found my best and most important relationship and that was with God.  The key to happiness now, at least for me, is to stay in tune with that which I have.  To nurture, protect and support all the elements of my life, my family, my health and allow things to grow and blossom over time, without comparing my life to others.

There is only so many hours in the day, so many days, months and years that we are here. We can only live ONE life at a time and certainly our own life should be enough.

So my friends, live life in peace. Make a difference in the lives of others by using your life as an example. Share your love fully, without reservation and without judgment.  Be true to who you are and the path God has laid before you.

May God bless and protect you always.  Wayne

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