ID THEFT OF CONSUMER ADVOCATEThese past 12 months have been challenging to say the least. The wonders of faith though bring us through the fire in one piece.

As most all of us know, ID Theft has become one of the most damaging forms of crime today. With over 15 million victims a year and over $50 billion in damages. This last year I became part of those statistics. My personal ID and my public persona were both stolen from me. I had credit and credit cards issued to a third party using my name and identification and I had my professional image duplicated online and so tens of thousands of consumers across North America were scammed by a man “individuals” that pretended to be me. They used my name, my pictures, my videos, my client testimonials and more to entice consumers to pay them fees for the work I do for free.

I felt violated beyond imagination. I worked tirelessly with my attorneys, law enforcement and other organizations and government departments to put a stop to this criminal’s actions. It took eight months before the dust settled and still the website created by that individual or group was still live on the Internet. Why? Because the website was being maintained on servers in China and the Chinese Government refused to co-operate in taking it down. However, we were fortunate that Google and other private organizations that were being used to perpetuate the scams by this individual or group of individuals came to the table to help minimize the damages to consumers nationwide.




There is nothing more damaging than losing your persona to criminals online.  This type of criminal activity must be stopped.

Attorney General Letter As of 2017 I am working with two of the top organizations for the protection of consumers from ID Theft as well as recovery from the potential damages that consumers would face when their ID and persona have be stolen.

If you would like more information on how to protect yourself from ID Theft and how to help in this fight against cyber criminals, please contact me for my upcoming consumer report ID Theft and your options.

Best Regards, Wayne


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