AFFIRMATION:  I am transformational.  I must transform the very nature of who I am and what I do to make the quantum leaps necessary to truly realize my potential. When I strive to realize my full potential, I am the role model my God intended me to be.


Changing for the better is good. Transforming who you are may be even better. Are you willing to take a challenge with me. For the next 10 days… let’s see what we can change in our lives.

We can all make some changes to improve. The truly courageous transform who they are. They understand that changing and improving attitudes and behaviors is the key to permanent improvement. They not only change how, why and what they do, they know the higher purpose for doing so.  People who are transformational inspire others to reach their full potential because they are agents of change.  You can like who you are right now. I like who I am as well. But I realize I must transform myself continually in order to improve. Transforming yourself requires continual self-discovery. It requires you to constantly call questions of yourself. It requires a unique integrity, honest and humility.

Do you have that all within you?  Most of us do, yet it can be buried deep down inside due to all the “stuff” we have to deal with every day.

A very affective approach to bring all of this to the surface, and using it to its fullest potential, is through a “MasterMind” experience.  The MasterMind group needs to be a group of your mentors and supporters that truly can be honest with you and that have your best interests at heart.  Each of your MasterMind mentors, as well as yourself, need to be dedicated 110% to the group and the process. The reward for the successful execution of a mastermind session is incredible and can be received by all those participating.

Welcome… to my 10 day challenge.  🙂  Let’s start with the wisdom of the day. Then I will get right into the 10 day challenge, which I am personally going through right now.


When I change, I will do so with the intent of permanently changing for the better. I raise the bar every day, and I call to question my own values. I will continually transform myself for my benefit and for the benefit of others I will help along the way.


I started my challenge today.  At 5AM to be precise…. which meant I slept in until 7AM even after my alarm in my head and phone went off at 5AM.  It is totally out of character for me to sleep in past 5AM.

What an incredible day I had.  So filled with great: revelations, people, thoughts and positive actions that here I am at 8PM at night finally getting to the posting that I started 24 hours ago.

My challenge to you is simple.  TOGETHER let’s make a massive change in your life to the better.  Let’s work on getting you to the next level.

How do we do this?  Well, let’s start with the next 10 days of articles I post.  Each day I will provide a journal of my master mind session along with the details of how you can duplicate this process.  Secondly you can to contact me in order to get a personal strategy going as to your master mind session.  My email is online on my Facebook page.

As to where I started and the benefit I immediately discovered, I can tell you this… I started this morning by making a list of those people that could help me achieve my master mind goals as well as those I felt could benefit themselves through the experience and put them on a very short list of 10 people.  These are the people I needed to be in communication with every month.  They were also people I knew I could be of help in their life, which is a critical part since it creates the WIN WIN environment.

So, how did I find immediate benefit from this process? As I was making up this list I noticed between 30 to 40 people that I: talk to, help, communicate with or deal with every week that basically fill my week with unproductive time.   This is not to say you should not be a humanitarian and GIVE to others.  It just means…. be careful with whom you share your most valuable asset and gifts with… those being  TIME and LOVE.   Share your love with everyone.  Share your time with those that are positive influences in your life and willing to give back.

So over the next week to ten days I will be delivering to you what I believe to be a host of great insights and stories on how this Master Mind program can work for YOU!

It is working for me… ALREADY… so stay tuned.  And if you want to get started on your own Master Mind group now… let me know.

Best wishes for your success and happiness always.  Wayne

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