As a self taught “for the most part” software designer and very part time programmer, I just love technology.

I have spent thousands of hours designing sales automation systems, artificial intelligence agents and bits of scripts to eliminate the mundane and repetitive processes that take up so much of our daily business lives.  The business owners that I have consulted with and trained their sales staff how to use the latest and greatest in SFA, CRM and other incredibly brilliantly written “not by me, lol” programs have praised me for my abilities and creative thought processes.  So why is it that the Ad I just read makes me feel sick to my stomach?

Simply put… it reminded me of the tens of thousands of dollars my company spent on something with only a fraction of the memory and power of something you can hang from your key chain today!

16GB of storage memory? Key Chain attachment!!!  $9.88!!!

Actually I do have to laugh a bit over the irony of how proud we were and thinking about us parading our clients through our suite of offices with 30 plus investigators, researchers and support staff all with “dumb” computer terminals sitting on their desks, each tied into this incredibly expensive networked computer system that we displayed under lock and key with security and glass casing.

Yep…. it was our pride and joy. The hub of our reporting system for thousands of reports going out each week with high speed dot matrix printers cranking away throughout the day.

And at the heart of it was this very impressive 25 MEG, reversible and removable hard drive.

That’s right… 25 MEGS… on each side, making our entire memory storage capacity a whooping 50 MEGS. And all for the low low cost of somewhere around $1,250.00 per month for 48 months.

To top it off, we had an integrated tape back up system that we had to run every night.  Which took hours to run! So about now you are asking yourself… is this guy OK?   As I said, I love technology ….I love how my cell phone has the ability to record video, play music, access my office computer from anywhere in the world. It is just makes me a bit sick thinking about the money spent on a system like that when I am now able to carry around on my key chain 16 GIGs of files, music, pictures and programs.

OK, so the world is a better place today with the advancements.  With the latest and greatest in computers, cell phones, tablets and laptops. 

With the Internet connecting us throughout the office, across town and around the world.  I guess I am pretty lucky to have been born at a time where I got to experience both and I look forward to the future and all it brings us in the way of technological advancements.  Such as this new item!

I call it a paper weight! What do you think? Will it sell?? 🙂



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