With the shopping season upon us, with unemployment still at all time highs and the economy struggling to recover…. what could possibly bring consumer hopes up and then take them for a ride down again?

How about receiving a message such as this!  “Your entry last month has WON! Go to TargetWinner.com and enter your winning code to claim your $1000 Gift Card.

That’s right… Target is NOT sending these text messages.  As a matter of fact Target would really like to know who is.  We can tell them!  It is a company that is hoping enough consumers fall for this scam by first visiting the website, then entering the code, followed by their mailing address, email and date of birth.  You can see where this is going now can’t you. Your ID is now being used by some very dishonest people and your holidays may just get worse as you find yourself victim to ID theft.   And to add insult to injury … after giving up your personal information in all the excitement of winning a $1000 gift card, you will then be most likely taken through a maze of web pages, surveys and offers to buy tons of junk that simply are lining the scam artist’s pockets for the holidays with even more of your money.

The BBB has reported on similar scams, Channel 10News recently reported on yet another one of these fake Target text messages, and as you can see… this one is from today with yet another brand new scam website TargetWinner.com

Best thing to do…. delete the message. We have reported the criminal act as needed.  And for 2013, make sure you get your ID protected through a company such as FarSuperiorID.com, and make sure you never lose another night’s sleep when you have protection in place such as that available through Merchant’s Info and FarSuperiorID here.

Best wishes to you for the holiday season, stay safe and spam and scam free.

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