The State of the Union for 2018 was in my humble opinion the best ever in recent history.  Or was it the worst ever?

I watched with great anticipation as President Trump outlined, from the teleprompter, the state of our union and his vision for unity within America.  I watched with tearful eyes the testimony of many Americans as they recounted their experiences, my heart going out to them while at the same time I could truthfully see the changes coming about in our country that will resolve the problems that were catalysts to the events that created their pain.

With the above I witnessed the BEST SOTU I have seen in decades.

Then came the camera views of the other side of our congressional members.  Those sitting and not standing as the President comments of the return of “In God We Trust” or of the economy boom, or of the low unemployment rates for so many Americans that have felt left out of the employment opportunities here in our great country.   There in those moments seeing the faces of the democratic leaders I witnessed the worst.   You could see defiance.  Like a teenager or young child looking into their parents eyes when being denied that second scoop of ice cream, or the candy before dinner.

Then I watched the Democratic Response from the young Kennedy.  Really?   And then from Senator Bernie Sanders.   And I had to reply to the Senator with the following.

Senator Bernie Sanders SOTU Response

“As a small business owner, as a leader in the business community, as a consumer advocate, and as an individual raised in a family with deep ties to the political machine in Washington, here is my take. Senator Sanders, I can appreciate in part your comments as to the division we have in Washington and the ABSOLUTE need for this division to be eliminated in order for our country to move forward in the most productive and positive way. However, the State of the Union is stronger today, more so than any time in decades, because the Admin is rocking the boat and forcing the status quo mentality out of the political process. We are BACK to business in America and that is what will save us. The only thing standing in the way of total success for America is the division in congress attempting to block or circumvent the changes needed. YOU as a leader in the democratic party can be a voice of reason and a voice for your party, IF you work with the other side of congress and the Admin. I realize that in doing so, you will be reducing the chances for the democrats to place anyone in the White House for the next several elections. However today we can not be concerned with elections, we can ONLY be concerned with the recovery and future of our country. Stop fighting!! Stop pointing fingers!!! Start working together in a constructive and proactive manner to resolve our problems. If not, you become the reason for failure of any progress, as well as each member of congress that votes party lines vs voting for America. Just “my take” on the SOTU. Wayne Warrington, Consumer Advocate”

I must say I am very happy with the direction of our country right now, the growth of our small business community, the reinvestment in the labor and workforce of our Fortune 100 Companies and the return of the greatest we held for over a century.   The true test of Americans for 2018, 2019 and 2020 will be the unity that we find when we come together to eliminate the status quo attitude in Washington DC.   It is WE THE PEOPLE, not we the elected, that America was founded on.   Let’s get back to our roots.  Let’s get back to saving and providing for all Americans FIRST!

Just My Take!  God bless you all.  Wayne Warrington

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