September 11th, 2001 . . . As if it were yesterday.
by: Consumer Advocate – Wayne Warrington

September 11th 2001

I know where I was standing, what I was doing at the exact moment that the pictures started to flash on the screens of our TVs across America.  My heart sank as I realized our worst nightmares had come to pass with war being brought onto our soil here in America.

Not just any war… but the kind of war that can never be fully won since there could never be 100% peace between the enemies.  The enemies in this war are Good and Evil.

No warfare is good.  And though we have not always been on the right side of every conflict, as Americans we try and we want that in our hearts.

September 11th was a change in the history of this world.   September 11th was a day in which all Americans became ONE.   We were united in our thoughts and prayers, we were united in our quest to overcome this evil and we were united in helping those that were personally affected by this tragedy and the loss of loved ones in their life.

I also I remember the year that followed.  I had retired from my service as a senior investigator a few years before 9/11 however our government enlisted all agencies and law enforcement in the country with a single task. Identify those that would do harm to America and protect our citizens from those risks.  So for the next year plus I was called back to service.  When I say Americans became ONE in this battle against evil, not only was this evident in the lives of every day citizens that were reaching out in so many loving ways to those effected, it was also the first time in my 20 year career that I had ever witness 100% co-operation between all law enforcement agencies in this country.   The FBI was working with police departments, county sheriff offices with the State departments, the state departments with federal agencies.  No more territory issues or jurisdictional red tape. Within the following 12 months, the Homeland Security Agency was created with over 22 different federal agencies, state and local law enforcement groups all combined working hand in hand to ensure an attack such as 9/11 would never happen again.

The pain we felt on September 11th 2001 may have lessened in our hearts some 12 years later, yet in our minds we will remember the 3,000 souls lost.  And we will never forget and we will continue to fight: for our freedom, our belief in human rights and justice… in a world that still holds those that would kill and destroy innocent lives simply as an act of defiance and their illogical thinking as to defense of Islam and their misuse of the Koran.  The truth is there is no legitimacy for killing innocent people, ever.  It is bad enough that service men and women should loose their lives in times of war, while protecting the liberties and lives of those that can not defend themselves.   So as we remember this day, those that lost their lives and those that gave theirs lives when they came to the aid of their brothers and sisters at ground zero, let us keep our thoughts and our prayers on our service men and women, both in the military and in law enforcement, as they continue their efforts to protect all that we cherish as Americans.

God Bless America. 


Wayne Warrington Consumer Advocate, Relationships, Spiritual

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