One of the most common things for people, business professionals, business owners to do, is to offer recommendations to others in their circle of trust.

“Wayne, do you know a good attorney to handle a business matter?”

“Wayne, can you tell me if you have a good contractor that I can use for my room addition?”

I am sure you have had family members and friends ask you for your advice or recommendation for the name of a good “X”. The other possible way for us to find what we are looking for is ONLINE. The Yellow Pages do not exist anymore… OK, so I just gave away my age for those of you thinking to themselves “yellow pages??” However, online means we are taking as truth the postings, the ratings, the pseudo recommendation from authorities such as Google, Facebook, Craigslist and others. Well we all know how that can work out. It is like a craps shoot in Vegas.

Here is what you can count on, and I am willing to back it up. When I make a recommendation to you, I do so only after:

You have asked me for my recommendation.

I have met with, and vetted out the company.

I have broken bread with the ownership/leaders, of the company.

They have made a commitment to me, to exceed the expectations of those I refer to them.

They have agreed that if they fail in anyway to live up to the standards and quality of service/products that we have agreed to, then I will no longer recommend them in the future.

These steps outlined above provide my family, friends and the consumers I serve with the comfort knowing they are getting the best recommendation possible and one that everyone involved is committed to working together in a positive, and all so far superior way.

As a member of the FarSuperior Community, or of my consumer group with, you can count on the fact I will never make a personal recommendation to you that is not thought through, fully vetted and carefully selected based upon the relationship I have with YOU! Two of the decisions I am proudest of in my business career are these. I have never, ever broadcasted an email to all my consumers to sell them something, and I have sworn to protect their personal information they entrusted me with.

Thank you for your trust in me and the opportunity to be of service to you.