As our country does a swan dive off the fiscal cliff, Obama uses his “power” of Executive Orders to issue pay raises for our congressmen (women) that failed to finish their job.

OK, so I realize the US government and US businesses operate under totally different models, however I would fire any member of my company’s board of directors that failed to approve a BALANCED and OPERATIONAL budget for the company to continue in business during the upcoming week… and certainly NOT give him or her a raise in pay. congress raise

Does anyone else get the impression WE THE PEOPLE are being laughed at by those we elected to represent our BEST INTEREST and to PROTECT our rights?

As I have stated before, my message to those holding a congressional seat is a simple one  . . . “Balance the budget and protect our rights under the US Constitution or pack your bags and go home.”   This is NOT a difficult concept to grab a hold of.   And I believe Warren Buffett had the perfect suggestion for a new law. “You just pass a law that says that any time there’s a deficit of more than three percent of the GDP, all sitting members of congress are ineligible for re-election.”

Oh… so Congressman, you say you can not balance the budget since that would require the government to not spend any money it is not taking in!  Here’s a thought!  Put a moratorium on payments to the FED on interest or payment of the national debt.  It is the FED that our income taxes are being paid to… is it not?   Think of this as a simple renegotiation with a lender.  Like a mortgage that has to be adjusted due to economic issues or crisis such as the one we face today.  The FED was introduced to us as being a part of the US Government and WE THE PEOPLE are the owners of the US Government, well I think it is within our power to stop payment to ourselves when we do not have the money. Correct?

OK, so I may be opening a whole new can of worms here by suggesting something so outside the box of traditional thinking.  However my point is simple.  The US Government is a train running down hill, full steam, out of control.  We are spending more than what we have and now the train’s conductor – President Obama with just a stroke of a pen, issues pay raises to those that are not doing the job we elected them to do.  Please stop insulting our intelligence.  We have families living on the streets.  We have millions of honest hard-working American’s that still have no job insight after spending a year or more on unemployment. We have seen foreclosures of our homes and even our churches at the highest rate ever during the past two years. All while the MAJORITY of our congressional leaders head home for the holidays with net worth and incomes that give them the title of “millionaires” and yet Obama felt December 27th, 2012 was an appropriate day to provide a pay raise and lift the pay freeze put into place in late 2010.

What an insult to the American people.  During the elections, I heard over and over again that this Administration was fighting for the middle class.  The actions we are seeing on Capital Hill and within the White House are not reflective of the words spoken during the campaign. We either have politicians that are totally out of touch with the average American, or we have elected “re-elected” individuals that are truly NOT committed to the oath they took to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution”.

I personally believe in the American people and the US Constitution.  I believe it is not to late for change to be taken to get us back on the track of a prosperous nation of people who are dedicated to freedom and humanity. My prayer is that our congressional leaders are guided by truth, honesty, humility and God’s direction to us to love our fellow-man.

A final note to our congressmen and women in Washington. Maybe a sign of good faith to the people who elected you would be for you to decline any pay raise, or if you have been so blessed financially to reach millionaire status income wise, maybe you could simply donate your entire pay check to a charity taking care of our homeless and children in need of food and care… at least until such time as this financial crisis in America has been resolved.

 A thanks to Congressman Hoyer from Maryland for his address to the people 2 days ago.

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