I develop cooperative alliances with others. I am sure that “no man is an island.” I can only succeed when I develop and employ the talents of others through alliances of cooperative effort.


How do great leaders truly succeed?  Whether it is in business, family, politics, community activities or philanthropic endeavors, all great leaders employ the talents of others and create synergistic power in their organizations through strategic and cooperative alliances. For example, when I was fairly new into the business world of employing over 100 people and running an operation that covered several states, I found I had little assistance outside of my attorney and my CPA when it came to brainstorming ideas or trouble shooting problems that I was encountering.  So I asked 5 of my CEO buddies out to lunch one day and suggested that if they were experiencing the same issues of support, that we should form our own group “mastermind” to help each other.  So for the next three years we met every single month for 3 hours and over those three years our little group grew into 30 members that collectively employed over 30,000 people and did in excess of $3 billion a year in sales.

The number one rule we made at the very first meeting was NO passing business cards out or turning our group into some form of lead group.  The interesting part that developed was the organization did more business together than any other group that I belonged to and it was the collective knowledge, energy and resources of the member base that helped all of us succeed and reach new heights with our businesses.  This same principal functions well within the ranks of employees, vendors, contractors, etc.  Alliances must be developed with a WIN WIN relationship in mind from the very start.  This same powerful strategy has been employed on a much larger scale by Henry Ford, Gandhi, Lincoln, the Founding Fathers of The United State and other great leaders.  As a matter of fact, I just read about the CEO of Belfor Holdings, a billion dollar company, that went to work undercover within his own company as a laborer in order to make sure this principal was being lived up to.   Sheldon Yellen Inc Magazine Article

Alliances of cooperative effort, people working together for the same cause and with the same values, create wealth for all those involved.  This is why I have chosen to apply this valuable principal to the creation of and its hundreds of topic/industry websites.  It is through the cooperative efforts of thousands of business experts that will become a leading provider of value based information to consumers worldwide in the years to come.


I will seek out true relationships of cooperative effort, relationships where all parties win. When doing so, I make sure my value system is not compromised, and I form alliances with others whose integrity and ethics are above reproach.


To V. John Alexandrov, author of Affirmations of Wealth for his input and permission for republishing his book’s valuable content.  For more details on John and his work, please use the search box at the top of this page. 

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