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I Mediate Daily. I achieve mindfulness and clarity of thought through meditation. Meditation helps me become truly aware of my surroundings and allows me to be in harmony with myself. I cannot shut out my emotions and instincts when I am totally aware of what they are.


What is meditation anyway? First and foremost, meditation is not a religion. To me, meditation is simply a state of awareness. The higher my awareness, the more I am willing to “let go” of old ideals and the conditioning of the past. The clearer my thinking is, the healthier and more successful I am. Many experts who practice meditation will tell you meditation is not about  success.  They will tell you is is a way to be arear of more of life’s events, good and bad, and it is a manner of being. My response is that meditation is a means of bettering your life. Because it betters your life, it makes you more successful. meditation is a powerful way to “hear” your instincts and innermost feelings and emotions. While meditating, I find my instincts are incredibly sharp. There are messages delivered to me that would not be possible to receive if my mind was cluttered with thoughts about all the activities I had to do that day. How are messages send to me? By clearing my mind, I am ready to hear the wisdom of my body, I am ready to hear the wisdom of my mind, and I am ready to hea the answers to my prayers and the spiritual messages my God is sending to me. I then act on these messages and, through meditation, I better my life.

The best way for me to describe the benefits of meditation is through two examples in my life.  First, and a more simplier form of meditation, is simply that of “taking a moment” before responding to outside influences.  Have you ever been involved in an emotional conversation with someone you cared for “loved” and in the heat of the moment words came out of your mouth that you instantly, or within a few minutes, wished you could take back?  Of course you have!  We all have done that.   By “taking a moment” to reflect upon your feelings and desires for a harmonious relationship, for the love you have for that person, you can and will be successful in avoiding a damaging moment in time that could leave lasting impressions with both you and the person you are speaking with.

Now I am pretty sure you can relate to that very situation I just described. So now that that process of “taking a moment” and multiple it ten fold, or 100 times, and you can now visually see in your mind the benefit of deep meditation.  By getting in touch with your feelings, your emotions and your awareness of your life, you can move forward in a very positive and productive way.

The second example that I can personally attest to is the healing aspect of meditation, or in my case prayer and meditation combined. Our minds are the most wonderful gift we are born with. I have experienced illness in my life several times where through the power of meditation and prayer I received dramatic positive changes to my health.  The video link below is a great testament to the power of meditation as documented through medical science and reported by NBC news.  I am sure you will find it amazing and beneficial to your life in many ways.

Wisdom for Today:

I will learn to meditate today as a means of preparing myself for the messsages I need to hear to be successful. Once I have learned to meditate, I will do so daily in order to achieve the highest state of awareness of which I am capable.

For Video Link… click here:  Meditation

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