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As of 2021, there are a host of areas being addressed by Wayne Warrington.  These include: unclaimed property, class action cases, small business development, thriving after the Covid-19 pandemic, health and wellness, financial resources for your retirement and many more.  Let’s start here with Unclaimed Property, more commonly referred to as LostMoney.

What is Unclaimed Property “Lost Money”?

Unclaimed property (sometimes referred to as lost money) refers to accounts in financial institutions and companies that have had no activity generated or contact with the owner for a period of time set by the laws in the state where the property is being reported. This can be only a year, 3, 5 or more… depending upon the type of lost money.

Forms of unclaimed property include stock,  checking or savings accounts, uncashed dividends or payroll checks, refunds, traveler’s checks, trust distributions, unredeemed money orders or gift certificates (in some states), insurance payments or refunds and life insurance policies, annuities, certificates of deposit, customer overpayments, utility security deposits, mineral royalty payments, and contents of safe deposit boxes.

What happens to these accounts that have no activity by their owner?

Each state has enacted an unclaimed property statute that was designed to protect your funds from reverting back to the company if you have lost contact with them. These laws instruct companies to turn forgotten funds over to a state official who will then make a diligent effort to find you or your heirs. Most states hold lost funds until you are found, returning them to you at no cost or for a nominal handling fee upon filing a claim form and verification of your identity. Since it is impossible to store and maintain all of the contents that are turned over from safe deposit boxes, most states hold periodic auctions and hold the funds obtained from the sale of the items for the owner. Some states also sell stocks and bonds and return the proceeds to the owner in the same manner.

Why is a consumer service such as so valuable to consumers?

The state agencies that hold unclaimed property have historically a very low recovery rate for the owners of the property.  From our studies, the recovery of unclaimed property by its owner once it has been reported to the state is less than ten (10) percent.

This low rate of recovery has lead to dozens if not hundreds of unclaimed property “finders” which in most cases are legitimate companies, attorneys, investigators and heir finders that have made it a very profitable business to locate the beneficiaries and heirs to unclaimed property and enter into an agreement for the recovery of the property for a fee.  In many states this fee has been determined by law to be no more than ten (10) percent.

Services such as provide free consumer reports and resources to those that should be looking for lost money due to their families, and LostMoney’s founder Wayne Warrington has established a recovery rate in excess of 90 percent.   So by using, you are more likely to recover your unclaimed property and certainly with no cost or fees being paid to a finder.   Also, LostMoney is not only one of the most popular consumer websites in the country, it is also one that is maintained advertisement free and has NEVER in its history sold or traded away the email and contact information of its site members.   Wayne Warrington, as a consumer advocate, has pledged not to misuse the trust of the consumers that have become a part of the online family.

How to start your search. 

First you should complete your free search profile, located at, then you can start checking the database files that are available online starting with this one.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  There is no single source or database for unclaimed property and according to LostMoney’s founder Wayne Warrington, there never will be.  Why?  Simply this.   If there was a single source for unclaimed property, it would be easy to find.  Currently there is over $1 trillion dollars in unclaimed property in the USA alone and less than 5 percent of that amount is reported in databases covering all of the various state unclaimed property offices.  This is why is your very best resource.

Start you search here…. click on the LostMoney logo which will open a search page.  Follow the instructions and MOST importantly, fill out your free search profile at  While you are there make sure to check our the design partners like Kallen Media LLC , Hartford Technology Rentals, and GlassBiller.

Unclaimed Property Free Search

How often should I search?

Millions of new unclaimed accounts are reported every year.  This is why you should be diligent and conduct a regular search each year and search under all your family member names.  However, if you would rather have the heavy duty work done for you, your LostMoney research team will be matching you up with new accounts each year and will email you or text you as new resources and new possible matching accounts are reported.

Class Action Cases – Consumer and Business Fraud Cases.

Over the course of the past 30 plus years my investigative background with criminal justice and consumer fraud cases has uniquely positioned me with the expertise to help those individuals that have been taken advantage of by business leaders and entities in a variety of markets and industries. Based upon my efforts and schedule working with charities and humanitarian causes, the case load that I accept each year is limited to just a few and only when such cases are proven to be viable within the court system and through the mediation services my office provides.

Small Business Recovery – The FarSuperior Community

During 2020 we have lost trillions in small business resources throughout the world.  In the United States millions of small business owners will not survive the year.   As the founder of, I have directed our board to assist in the recovery efforts for qualified small businesses throughout North America, through the development of a pay-it-forward community accessing over $100 million in assets.  This effort is designed to bring like minded individuals together to cross promote and support one another as we together rebuild our small business communities across the country and throughout North America.  The partnerships we are creating with multi-million dollar, and even billion dollar companies will allow small business owners to not just survive 2020, but thrive in 2021.

For more details and an opportunity to bring your company into our community, please set up a time to talk with me, or join us on a community Zoom meeting in the weeks ahead.  CALENDAR HERE

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