However we can truly become PROACTIVE in the process of turning America around in order to preserve our rights and freedom.

So the results of the Presidential race are in and President Obama is given another 4 years to fulfill his promises to the American people.  Whether you were a Obama supporter or a Romney supporter, today we are now back in the game together and the division which we have been experiencing MUST be replaced by a team approach.

Election Results 2012

If there was ANY lesson for our current administration in Washington from this election it is this. The American people are NOT happy with the way things are going with our economy and a positive change is needed. When you have 57 million people, just under half of the voters, voting to replace you…it is a sign that things need to change.  Many of the voters that did vote for President Obama to have a second chance were doing just that …giving him a second chance. Many democrats that spoke out about their feelings on the economy and state of the country clearly related their belief we are in trouble here and need change. However, they believe Obama is the answer and will fulfill his promise to bring the country around on an economic basis.

The feelings being expressed today on social media pages about the election, such as the Democrats won the Presidential election, the Republicans won the House, are a bit short sighted in my humble opinion.  For what I believe is, outside of the individuals running for office, NO ONE WON in the process of this election. Certainly not the American public. We are once again in a political dead lock in Washington and so WE THE PEOPLE lose in the process unless we can NOT come together and work as ONE people and not as republicans and democrats, or independents.

The key issue we face now is the division within Washington on Capital Hill.  The congressional House is now controlled by the Republicans and unless the White House and the Senate can start reaching across party lines, we will be in a stale mate position for the next 4 years.  Unfortunately, the world will NOT wait for 4 years for the USA to get its act together and get back in the game as a leader.US House controlled by the Republicans for 2013

There is HOPE in all this. And the hope rests in YOU!  You as an American citizen.  You have the right to keep your congressional leaders accountable to the American people. You have the right, actually the obligation, to be proactive in making sure this country not only survives but thrives in the years head.

Just because the election is over does not mean we can sit back and turn everything over to the folks in Washington.  We have done that for the past century and look where we are today. 🙁

We are $16 trillion dollars in debt, we have millions of Americans on unemployment and on living on the streets, and one of our biggest resources “our children” are coming out of college without any hope of finding a job.

It is time for change… it is time for the American people to stand up and take control of their rights and freedom.

The President has a plan for the next 4 years to return America to a position of prosperity  and as Americans we are suppose to support our President.  We can do this in many ways. One of which is voicing our opinion as provided for within our Constitution.  Be supportive of those in office. Be proactive with communications. Get involved on a local, state and national level wherever possible.  With the advent of the Internet we have been given the perfect tool to be able to let our voice be heard with little to no expense and just a little effort.

To all my readers and friends across the country, thank you for you feedback and thank you for voting yesterday.  We have made a statement to those in Washington, now it is time to bring all parties together for the common good of this nation.

God bless us and may He keep us strong for the decades ahead.


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