Wayne’s Take…. Two great messages by Joel Osteen. #627 “It’s a Simply Thing..” and #589 “Stay in Peace”

I have heard many critics of Joel’s ministry saying he is not qualified and that his messages are nothing more than glorified pep talks. What I believe these critics have failed to recognize is that God uses ALL of His children in different ways and with different gifts. Why do millions of Christians tune into Joel’s services each week? Because some times we just need SIMPLE. Something that does not condemn us but lifts us up, something that SIMPLY points out God’s unconditional love for us and His unlimited power to bring about miracles in our lives.  Joel_Osteen1

I also recently heard one critic say that Joel does not understand, nor is he able to quote, scripture.  And this same critic went on to say that Joel Osteen’s messages do not refer to Jesus.  This was certainly a surprise to me since I do not believe I have ever heard a sermon “message” from Joel Osteen that did not have Jesus’ name brought into the message or start off each service with a statement of faith in Jesus’ name, as well as at the end he closes not only praising Jesus’ but directing those that have just come to the Lord to “get into a good bible based church”.  Basically I see Joel as one of the talents God uses to bring His children BACK into the local community church environment. 

Joel is SIMPLY doing what God has lead Him to do and to use the gifts and talents God has given him.  This is scriptural and if the critics fail to recognize this then maybe it is time they themselves re-read the Bible.

As a child of God myself, one that has received the gift of Faith that allows me to pray powerful and moving prayers for those that God brings into my life and to help them find peace in mist of the storms they may be encountering, I know my limitations and I know my place as simply ONE of His children called to love all of His children.  I do not pretend to know all the scriptures by book and verse … I do not need to in order to be of service today for my brothers and sisters in Christ.   We are each a part of the body of Christ, each with a purpose and alone we can not do that which the whole body can do.

Updated note…. Within minutes of my publishing this article I received yet another “interesting” comment from “Mr. G”  a critic of Pastor Osteen.  This comment was directed towards Osteen’s financial position.  Here is a copy of the comment.

“Should a man of God be worth 50 million dollars and live in a 10 million dollar mansion plus own another house worth 2 million? You think this is what Jesus would do? They just spent 110 million dollars to renovate their church. Really, 110 million dollars to renovate a church, how much better would that 110 million been used to help the poor. Besides, he’s on free TV every week, anyone can see him. …”  This comment goes on to compare Joel Osteen with Rich Warren’s financial position and their respective charitable giving.   It should also be noted that the gentleman making the comment has described in the past his personal belief and position on religion as being a “non-believer”, not a Christian.

My thoughts to this are…

First my personal experience. Prior to my becoming what many would refer to as a born again Christian, I had achieve a very comfortable life style and I truly believed I was simply very talented in business and so I could have anything materially that I decided I wanted in this life.  However, when God saved my life for the third time, and there was no logical explanation as to how I survived the accident, I realized how misdirected my life had been and so I too, as Rich Warren reportedly does by the source of the above comment, decided to give 90% of my income to charity and humanitarian efforts.  I was doing this out of gratitude for all the blessings in my life and in wanting to make a change in the lives of others.  What I failed to recognize was God needed me to be financially strong in order to reach His children with the message He had given me over the next seven years.  So my generosity in giving was greatly hampered through some very important lessons I had to learn.

What I learned was it was my talents and my Gift from God that needed to be shared with His children… not so much the dollars in my pocket.  This does not mean that I stopped giving financially, it simply meant the money coming in had to be directed to support the talents and Gift I have to give.  It is through my donation of my time, effort and expertise to thousands of consumers each month, as well as the love I give to others and my prayers over their lives and the lives of their family members that I am doing that which God has called me to do.  So in this regard I can understand the difference between Osteen and Warren’s lifestyle which interestingly I live more of the lifestyle of Warren and share my talents more like Osteen.  OBVIOUSLY in simpler and more modest way. lol

I do not know Joel Osteen personally, nor am I privy to his personal finances and his charitable giving habits. So all I have to use as my guidance is God’s word.    First, we are NOT to judge others. Matthew 7:1-5  And for me to compare Joel Osteen with Rick Warren would in fact be a form of judgment.  And since I have been on BOTH sides of this fence… 10% giver or 90% giver… well I already know BOTH are very positive positions as long as they are done from the heart and by what God has called us to do.

Second, God tells us in many ways to prosper …. to take the talents He has provided us with, to use them and make them grow. Romans 12:6-8 He also tells us that in heaven He will prepare a place for us “a mansion”  🙂  so maybe Mr. G as to your comparison that Osteen lives in a $10 million dollar mansion and Rick Warren lives in the same house he has for 16 years, well it is quite possible the mansion God has waiting for Mr. Warren is 10 times bigger than the one he has for Pastor Osteen. In any case… both men are doing what they are lead to do to be of service to others here on earth and let us not judge them by their homes, their cars but by the lives they change daily.

So I say this to Pastor Joel Osteen… “Keep up the amazing inspirational messages Joel and always speak from your heart for that is what God would have us all do.”

Thank you my friends for taking the time to read my note today. May God’s blessings and grace be with you this day and always.

Walking by His grace, Wayne

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