I foster positive emotions. I recognize that positive and negative emotions are truly within my control. I promote positive emotions through affirmation and prayer, thereby eliminating negative emotions.

A Positive Attitude Wins Everytime


Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. This simply put affirmation is very powerful. Negative emotions are very destructive, mostly self-destructive. How can anyone truly advance in life and be a good role model if they are negative? The negative emotions — hatred, despair, impatience, anger, fear, jealousy, revenge and greed — do nothing but create negative actions, inflict injury on yourself and others and promote the decline of faith in oneself and in ones God. They promote false financial gain at the expense of others and destroy the most important elements of success: a positive mental attitude, the willingness to serve and give more than you get, personal initiative, the development of a clear and accurate mind, enthusiasm and the establishment of a clearly defined mission and purpose in life. Affirm the positive. Think positive. Act positive. Be positive. There is no substitute for positive thinking and positive actions.

And for my little piece of mind today and just to reinforce to you the absolute need for this element to be consistent in your life….. Surround yourself with like minded, positive people that support you and your dreams.  If you are surrounded by negative people, by people that complain about everything in life …. they will bring you to your knees and suck you into their world faster than you can imagine.

In my own life I have made the mistake on occasion to open my home to those with outrageously negative attitudes and negative energy.  I am so in tune with people’s energy that I could feel them as they entered my home.  Since I felt so strong in my personal space and with positive emotions, I thought I could help them through their crisis, through their problems. However, this makes the assumption the individual WANTS to come out of their crisis. Strangely enough… some people live in this state of negativity because they can not imagine being anywhere else.  So my advice to all those that thrive on positive emotions and love life to its fullest…surround yourself with positive people.  You can ONLY help “serve” those with negative emotions in small bits of time and sometimes from a distance.

Once again… remember… there is no substitute for positive thinking and positive actions.


I accentuate the positive today. If someone in my family, school, workplace or in my circle of friends is negative today, I have the courage to let them know their negativity hurts me and them. I think positive thoughts, visualize positive accomplishments and actions and I write positive affirmations.

SPECIAL THANKS… To John Alexandrov for his inspiration, his support in my goals and mission to help others and for his incredible outlook on life in general.

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