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You would love to think that you can be making money from home and bring your lifestyle back into some form of comfortable position again. Well, you can!  However you should put the brakes on if you have been referred to one of the Internet’s newest scam sites.

Are these really or scamsIt starts with that has itself cleverly covered with CNBC logos and official looking content and graphics.  However this site was created just over a month ago and appears to be a front for a online scam website called which is registered to a Howard Molly out of Dublin Ireland.

The article which is reportedly a report by writer Jennifer Wilson, becomes a strong sales pitch which is designed to create a comfort factor with consumers in order for them to open their wallet to Mr. Molly and potentially others including a Shirley Smith, the registered owner of  At this point we are still investigating whether these individuals truly exist and the only real person we know exists is the one at the other end of the cash register collecting the $77.00 they charge to allow you to work with them with the dream of earning just under $8000 in three months working only 4 hours a day.

I am the first to tell you it is true that you can work from home, earn a living, make better than good money without driving your car anywhere to get to a 9 to 5 job. However, it is sites such as these that are the reasons why consumers are so sceptical over any offer at all.  If you have any positive news to report on these companies, please contact me immediately so I can further the investigation and find the truth. However in the meantime, be aware of the fact these sites: were created and hosted just over a month ago, attempts to reach the site operators via their support email and toll free number were not successful, they are riddled with false claims and misrepresentations which appear to have only ONE purpose… and it is NOT to be of service to consumers.

If you have come across a valid, real, long standing home base business that has a track record of making money for hard working honest people, please send me the links and I will be happy to investigate the business opportunity for my readers.


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  1. Man I so very much hope you are wrong, but I know already, you are likely right.
    My family is hurting, like real hard. I am an amputee and stay at home dad with our Austistic son, as my wife pulls in income as a substitute teacher. This afternoon I got an email from a former college professor, with just a link. It led me to the site with the article that appeared to be a CNBC site. I should have known better. I took money, we did not have to spend, on the hope of getting us out of the hole, and and ordered the package, which by the way is not $77 as you cite here in your article, but rather it was $97. And seconds after I submitted the money to them on the “homeworkhere” site, I checked my email to find another letter from my former professor, a mass email to his whole email contact list, including me, with an apology that apparently his email had gotten a virus, and no email sent from it in the last 2 days should be trusted.

    My heart sank. I immediately sent a mass email to my contact list, likewise warning everyone not to trust any suspicious emails coming from my inbox. The site offered a money back gurantee, that if you made no money using thier system in 30 days, they would give refund your money 100%. This economy sucks, crap like this makes it worse.

    1. Steve, My heart and prayers go out to you. What I would suggest is that you contact your bank and ask to have the payment reversed. Send an email to the support address on the company website. I have done this as well to seek their response to the claims and as I expected, no response from them. If you are interested, I would like to refer you to some folks as to some possible work you can do from your home. One has not cost associated with it, it is simply research. The other is a company that is building teams of people to introduce their group buying programs and there is a cost for your back office and training of $99.00 plus $14.95 a month. I say this up front so your expectations are in line with what they offer. Once again, my thought are with you and your family. Make sure you use our LostMoney search services, which are free, to see if there is any money you or your family can claim. God bless, Wayne

  2. I also received an email from a close friend with a link to the “cnbc news” website. I was immediately skeptical since there was no message from my fiend’s link. I give the scammers credit for making it look like a real news website and the grammar was spot on (not usually the case with scams). What was the final hint that it was a scam was the comment section: no comments. For a news website this is a big red flag. For the people reading this, you always want to check the comment area and see if they are up-to date (a lot of scams do have fake comments) and see if you can add your own comment. If it says “comments closed”, should be another flag. Also, do a search about the website (which got me here) and see what other people are saying. Hope this helps!

    1. Orion, right on target. There are many flags that should pop up when we receive emails or when we are directed to a website. However, these scam artists are getting better every day at making the information look so real that you want to believe it.

      One of the best ways I have found is checking the date that the website was created… and seeing if the ownership is hidden. If a domain was just created during the past few weeks or few months… watch out.

      Thanks for your feedback, very helpful for all. Best Regards, Wayne

      1. Are there some decent Make Money at Home On-line Sites that are legitimate that you could pass on at this point in time. I am not interested in Get Rich Quick Schemes and would love to have some recommendations on some possible opportunities, but I am very skeptical. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks

        1. Susan, Yes absolutely. However giving GENERAL recommendations is not my desire. The reason is this. Everyone is unique in their personal experiences and abilities. Plus how much capital they wish to invest in themselves and their business to get it up and running. How much time can they devote. I am happy to recommend one or two great businesses that people can pursue. What I ask of them is to provide me with a little insight as to what they are looking for. Here is a quick form I set up just for that purpose. If you would like some recommendations, please feel free to start there. Best wishes for your success and happiness in 2013. Wayne

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