Well here is a goal for all of us to strive for. 🙂 Improve yourself in 10 days! And since we are all nothing more than a “work in progress” improvement is actually easy to achieve.


I IMPROVE EVERY DAY.  Although I am grateful for my accomplishments, I know there is always room for improvement. Even one day of indifference can impede my personal growth.  I improve with the knowledge that when I improve, I also improve others.  When I do so, I take one more step toward the fulfillment of my mission in life.


By V. John Alexandrov. “No matter how good we are, we can always be better. Excellence is a standard we seek to achieve.  I believe there is a level beyond excellence and a level beyond that. The greatest of all achievers, the best of the best, all know that they can be better. Ted Williams batted .406. If he had one more hit out of approximately 500 chances at bat, he would have batted .408.  You see, there is no barrier to our achievements except what we believe and what we do. Continued improvement, day after day, no matter how good you are, makes you better.”  When John wrote this affirmation he was reminded of a quote by one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history:  “There is no off season anymore.” Nolan Ryan.

As for my 10 day experience, as I thought about this topic and writing here today, I reflected upon the past few months of my life and how I may have improved myself during this time period.  One of the most significant areas of improvement, during a 10 day period, came not from within, but came from the lessons and the new friendship I developed with an individual that when I first met her I would have NOT thought any learning experience would be involved.  This turned out to be very short sighted of me and once again proved that … “You can NOT judge a book by its cover!”

My improvement AND lesson was simply this.  One of the greatest gift we have in life is our ability to learn from others.  And the source of our learning may come from some very unexpected people.  For me it was through a very bright and talented woman by the name of Kristy, whom I hired for a temporary assignment in July.  During the interview process with Kristy I had my mind made up as to the qualifications and background that was needed for the temporary position and she was a good match for the work.  What I also noticed during the interview process, and the following week of training, was Kristy’s history and personality represented 180 degree difference from my own and so we had little in common.  This served to reinforce my mind set of  “no lesson here”.  This turned out to be the furtherest thing from the truth.  Kristy and I have now become very good friends. Friends that have learned from each other by each having the benefit of seeing the world through each other’s history and experiences in life.  This unexpected source of  wisdom, compassion for others and her own trials and tribulations has enhanced my life beyond measure and has allowed me to continue my journey in life with a higher level of knowledge, which in turn shall serve others that I meet.  Kristy is now off onto new adventures and she too has discovered more about her path in life through the short time we worked together.

I shall NEVER judge a book again by its cover, nor the people I meet!  Thus my improvement for that 10 day period… I shall look beyond the obvious and ask questions. I will listen intently as people around me share their insights and experiences in life. I will grow through them, and myself, and use to the best of my ability the lessons I have learned as I work with others in the future.


I can and will improve today.

NOTE:  Once again a special thanks to John Alexandrov for his outstanding work with Affirmations of Wealth and his partnership here in allowing me to use and reference his insights.  And of course, a very special thanks to Kristy Frazier whose life, experiences and compassion for others has become a blessing to me in so many ways.

As for my dear friends and extended family here online, I want to express my thanks for your readership, for your notes of encouragement and inspiration.  Tomorrow will mark the first day of a 10 Day Challenge I wish to make to all my friends here. A challenge to: renew your life, improve you life and to use the gifts you have for others.

So .. stay tuned! November 2011 will be our best month yet!  🙂   Wayne


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