It is absolutely amazing what you can do with 24, 48 and even 72 hours of time that is devoted to organizing your life, setting your goals and reaching out to those you want to be a part of your mastermind group.  Part of this process is simply letting your imagination GO!


I inspire my imagination with enthusiasm. I use my enthusiasm to create and enliven my imagination. In so doing, I forge my own opportunities and I capture them at the height of possibility.


Your imagination is a powerful motivator when you know how to use it. Without creative imagination, where would this world be right now?  The ability to think beyond the limits of reality and the paradigms of thought created by others is truly a gift. With your imagination are your dreams, your creative intelligence and your ability to exceed your own mental barriers. Coupled with enthusiasm and faith, imagination is eventulaly converted to actions and thereby reality.

“What your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  Napoleon Hill

Nurture your imagination. Believe in your dreams. Pursue them with passion and enthusiasm. This is one of God’s gift to you.

As for me and Day 3 of the MasterMind session I set for myself… all I can say is HUGE! It was a day so filled with incredible insight and creative processes that it took me into Day 4 in order to slow down.  As I spoke with my mastermind group and my partners in business, they were amazed at the positive energy and incredible insight that was being developed in just over 48 hours.

So what do you concentrate on during day 3?  Thoughts!  Creative thoughts as to the possibilities that exist within the realm of your work and life.  How can you do things, what things that are live changing.   Stay tuned for Day 4 and 5…


I will allow my imagination to flow freely with my desires and dreams. These dreams and desires will be lived then I enthusiastically act upon them.

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