Affirmation: I maintain a positive attitude at all times.  I never leave my mind open to the negative thoughts and conditioning of others. My positive attitude helps shape my destiny.


It is simply amazing how many people will try to thrust their insecurities and negative thinking upon you.  Even the negative voices in your own head were put there at an early age by fearful family and friends. By maintaining a positive mental attitude you will develop a resistance to negative thoughts. You will create harmonious affiances of cooperative effort. You will project an aura of confidence, and you will certainly overcome the temporary setbacks we ALL encounter in our lives. Maintaining a positive mental attitude is the cornerstone of eliminating fear forever and of taking control of your own life. By maintaining a positive mental attitude, your successful outlook is always assured. You will see opportunity where others fail to do so. Even in the face of adversity, a positive mental attitude helps you to find the key to overcoming life’s problems.

During the course of my early years as a private investigator, I discovered my ability to obtain the results my clients needed was directly tied to my positive attitude.  Meaning, in many cases I had to go into situations with virtually no history or  knowledge of the environment I was being placed in.  I had to call upon something within me to play a role, to get the job done with confidence, and I found that as I approached the assignment with a positive mental attitude that a successful outcome was virtually guaranteed.  This lesson in my life carried forward in many other areas of business and relationships. This is why I firmly believe that 80% of our success is a direct result of our positive mental attitude,  10% is skill (which we learn) and 10% is talent (which we are born with).   You can go through 8 to 10 years of quality education to become a doctor, you can then intern at the finest medical facility in the world, yet if your mental attitude when walking into the operating room is negative and not visualizing a positive outcome from the start… you are certainly not going to become the doctor you wanted to be and have the success that is needed within your work or life.  This past year at 53 years old I spent 12 days backpacking throughout Costa Rica’s mountains and national forests.  People asked… “How can you do this day in and day out without being tired or sore?”  My response “jokingly” was always hey… “I live in a three story house, so I climb stairs every day!”  The reality is I believe my ability to do so was tied to my positive attitude of why not?  I do not see age as a limiting factor in my life.  It is never to late to do virtually everything on your bucket list in life.  Whether it is learning a new language, learning to play the piano, hiking mountains in third world countries, or becoming financially independent after spending 30 years in the same job only to be let go due to outsourcing, downsizing or other economic reasons… you can make a change or do these things with the right attitude.

It is also never to late to find that love of your life, and hereto comes into play the need for a positive mental attitude.  I have met so many people in their 40s and 50s that have basically cashed in their chips “so to speak” when it comes to being in a long term and beautiful relationship with the love of their life.  With some of these people, their attitude is a direct reflection of the negative thoughts and conditioning of their former spouse or significant other.  A positive mental attitude will help you NOT TO SETTLE for anything less that 100% of what you want from life, in all areas of life!

So… for today…. wishing you all an incredible weekend ahead and a positive attitude in all that you do.

Wisdom for Today:

I will maintain a positive mental attitude is all situations. My positive mental attitude is a reflection of my ability to overcome adversity and is an asset to me and my organization (family). I do not allow the insecurities of others to diminish my positive attitude. I am a healthier, wiser person because of my ability to resist negativity.


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