While the rest of the world is focusing on America’s Fiscal Cliff, you can be preparing for a great year ahead.

I am certainly NOT suggesting that the future ahead does not have its hurdles with the US economy, the internal battle raging on between congress and the White House, nor that unemployment and the tax increases heading our way are not going to have anything but a negative impact on our lives. What I am suggesting is that there are always options AND there are always opportunities in virtually every financial market, whether things are headed up or down.

The key to making 2013 a great year is this.  Balance!  Maintaining balance across the various elements of your life will serve you in many ways

When one area of your life is out of balance… meaning really out of balance… it is virtually impossible not to have the other areas get dragged down with it, unless of course you understand how to address the area out of balance.

One way to check the balance in your life, see it visually, is to stop by Balance10.com and take the simple survey to receive your free chart.

As for making 2013 a great year, my best recommendation when you consider all that we face with the economy is to keep tabs on the balance in your life and find a solid residual income source that can build a financial foundation for years to come.  One of the newest, and more innovative residual income sources is a company called Referdia. You can sign up for free today and learn more about how residual income can and will change your life for the better.  If you are interested in building a solid residual income through a partner relationship with FarSuperior Partners, contact my office at 800.430.6322 or email me.

Wishing you the best for the holidays and a great 2013.

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