A FarSuperior future.

The Internet is going through it’s third wave of evolution. The first wave was the excitement of finding virtually any piece of information you could imagine or ask for, right at your fingertips.

The second wave was like the industrial resolution where industry leaders became aware of the power of the Internet, and data harvesting became second nature and “We the People” became the product.

The third wave is what we are experiencing now. Consumers are taking back the power from organizations such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin and small business owners, such as yourself, are building relationships that can help grow their business in the years to come.

Welcome to FarSuperior’s Business Community, the future of the Internet and one of the leading companies in the third wave of this evolution.

As the Founder of FarSuperior.com, created in 1999, I have dreamed of the day that our little black book of small business owners, exceeding the expectations of their customers, would grow across this great country of ours and throughout North America. Our goal is not to compete with Google, our goal is simply to be the best resource to quality small businesses and connect them to the millions of consumers we have brought into our Circle of Trust. Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers, to help support worthwhile charities and humanitarian causes in our local communities, to build a loyal customer base whose personal data we will not sell or abuse in any way. Thus giving the power back to our citizens, our community members.

If you are a small business owner, that strives to provide the best products and services to your customers, that pays it forward in life by giving back to your community, that has a solid reputation in business for at least 5 years, then you would be a welcome addition to our community.

We have designed the FarSuperior financial model with three principal elements. First a solid ROI. For every dollar you put into the community, you are returned six-fold. Second, for every dollar FarSuperior receives in membership dues, 50% is paid out to support local charities, humanitarian causes and consumer services that help our consumer members survive these difficult times. Third, FarSuperior’s membership dues are as low as possible, as they are supported by the cross-promotional efforts of all members. To this end, if your business has suffered financially during the Covid-19 shut downs, you can apply for full trade credit of your business membership dues for 2021.

Our goal again is to return over $7000 in revenues/profits/benefits to each business member during 2021. If your membership is accepted, and keep in mind we have only 3 openings per business category in each community area, your dues for 2021 are only $479.00 per quarter, or $1,779 paid annually. To submit your application, click on this link.

If you would like more information, or to discuss the options of receiving a trade/credit for your membership dues in 2021, please use this link to schedule a call with me.

Wishing you a successful, healthy and happy 2021.

Wayne Warrington
Wayne Warrington