The essence of who I am today is absent the man that came before me. Certainly, that man and I are one in the same, yet not in any way this day.

A flawed human, as with all mankind, has the opportunity “the promise” to be renewed and that is the path that I chose in 2006. So I have been renewed in faith, hope and through the love of our Father in heaven. As I entered the ministry in 2018, the slate was clean and my future unwritten. As 2019 approached, I was given such divine direction that it was overwhelming at first and then filled me with such peace and inspiration that I could not wait to share it. I look forward to the months ahead to share the revelations I received.

However, today I write to you, my brothers and sisters, with heavy heart for the state of our country. While great in so many ways, it is divided by just one. The above words came to mind as I pondered the future of our nation and its political system. We are diverse, each unique and each with gifts that are meant to be shared. Every day, hour and even each moment that we waste with feelings of frustration, anger or discourse leads us away from the future designed for us and away from the blessings in store for us.

Learn to trust, respect and share your love with others and then truly you will pass the test.

With His love…. Your Brother in Christ.

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  1. Wayne
    I totally agree .
    There is such power in our connected energy for good .
    I see an awakening rising and I am uplifted ,
    Power of prayer holds its promise for us .
    I so look forward to us all discussing this further .

  2. Thank you for expressing loves ideal Wayne. The goal is to let love win every day. If everyone did their part to lead with love truly so much could be resolved. Ego and personal agenda and hurts would be put aside, crisis could be resolved and much more joy, peace and freedom could be expressed.

    Thanks for doing your part to lead by example.

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