Make no mistake, we are in a war.  A war right here in America that is shaking the very foundation of our constitution. And the war is not between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

A war that is challenging our rights, destroying our way of life and placing a debt upon our children and grand-children for decades to come.  What is the answer?  Who is the right person to vote for?  At this point it no longer matters. The polls are open, more than 40% of Americans have voted and the results will soon be in.

Do not give up this right! Or any right afforded to you by the US Constitution.
Do not give up this right! Or any right afforded to you by the US Constitution.

However here is what does matter!  Today is NOT the end of the war.  We are simply involved in the first of many battles that will take place in order for Americans to WIN the war we are in.

Today’s election will establish who will become the next President of the United States.  Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or Gary Johnson.  I added Mr. Johnson out of respect for his 4% plus of the population, which actually I should have add all candidates.   However we know either Clinton or Trump will be elected.   We also know that voter fraud is an issue and not one we will resolve today or anytime soon.  Yet, it is an issue that must be resolved in the future in order for Americans to feel secure in this democratic process.

So when I say we are in a war and today is merely a battle within the war… what am I referring to.

This election is the first ever to shake the foundation of Washington politics.  The vast majority of Americans are fed up with politics as usual and remaining with the status quo.

Our health care is a disaster.  Our national debt beyond imagination.  Many of our politicians, our leaders in Washington, are exchanging favors for money.  Our leading media outlets are in the game as well, no longer providing the news Americans need or deserve without the media’s special interests in the mix.

We have been under attack since before 2001 by individuals within our boarders, living among us, posing as faithful loving Americans that are hell bent on destroying our way of life and the very freedom we have enjoyed for over 200 years.   We have major powers within our nation and abroad pulling at each other, tearing our country apart and “We the People” are the pawns in their game of chess.

This is the war I speak of.   It is a revolution started, not by Donald Trump, but by those elected into positions of power that have abused such elected positions.  What Donald Trump has done is bring a very LOUD voice and a face to the revolution. The reality is.. it is not the face of Donald Trump that those abusing us should be concerned with.  It is the face of the American people. We the People will no longer stand by and listen to politicians fill our minds with promises, we will now hold them accountable.  And until America is great again, until America is united together as the greatest nation on earth, I believe this war will continue.

Most of my readers know me as Wayne Warrington the Consumer Advocate that does NOT take sides politically speaking.  I have served Americans for over 30 years now helping recover unclaimed property due to their families.  Hundreds of millions in fact.  I have never abused the communication rights of the 1 million plus consumers that have entrusted me with their contact information or family history.   I say this because I am about to take two steps, forward I believe, in my communications with the consumers that I am a working with.   I am a Christian man, a man of faith that believes everyone has a right to their belief in God no matter what their faith.  I love America and believe in our constitution and therefore I believe the rights of Americans are written in stone so to speak and that any politician – elected official that takes action to usurp our Constitutional rights must be removed from office and held accountable to the American people. Thus, I plan on a limited basis, to reach out to the consumers I am working with “as long as they have given me permission to do so” and discuss important issues that we face across the country.

No one likes a war.  Least of which someone like me that has a strong love for all God’s children no matter what race, color or creed. You and I may not agree on everything. We may not vote for the same individual to lead our city, state or country. However I am pretty sure we can agree on this.


Dear 2017 President, Congressman, Congresswoman, Senator, State Legislator, City Council Person

I have voted for you in this most recent election based upon your promise to protect my rights, such rights included within the constitution of these United States.   I expect you to keep your promise.  I expect you to perform the duties of your office with my best interests in mind and not yours.  I expect you to act in an honest and trustworthy manner that reflects the privilege and honor bestowed upon you as my elected official and that anything less you can expect my voice to be heard as to the call for your replacement.

Yours truly, American Citizen


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