Today’s Affirmation:

I have a clearly defined written mission.  I know the first step in accomplishing any heroic goal is to clarify if in writing. When I write my goals, my desires and my true mission, I create a contract with myself to fulfill them.


Your mind is like a heat seeking missile. It will bring you anything you want if you give it a clear target.  A clearly defined written mission or vision is the crystallization of your goals and desires. It is the target your mind will seek out and hit.  In other words, you mind, coupled with other techniques will convert your dreams to physical reality when you clearly define what you want.  Creating a written vision invokes several emotions. First, you can see it in writing. Then, you will visualize the mission as you are writing it.  You will create an emotional contract with yourself to complete it.  As for me, I learned about a very valuable tool in this process from a business acquaintance, Bill Bartmann. Bill had achieved the status of Billionaire and was Inc. Magazine’s Cover story for his remarkable path to riches.   At lunch one day Bill turned to me and asked me what I felt my biggest obstacle was in completing my mission.  And I told him that at times I felt I was not fully committed with the goals I set.  His response was… “Do not set goals for yourself. Make a promise!”   This was indeed a huge change for me, and what I discovered over the past few years after my lunch with Bill was when you set goals, we tend to push them off to the back burner as life delivers speed bumps.  When you make a PROMISE to yourself, you tend to keep your word to yourself over a simply goal.

This goes right along with John Alexandrov’s statement of … creating an emotional response when you write down your mission in a defined and clear way.  So, as you do so… remember to MAKE A PROMISE to yourself as well to fulfill your mission.

When you have written your vision, your mind has a clear understanding of what to bring you. It will not be long until you see a significant change in what you accomplish.

Wisdom for Today:

I will compose my clearly defined written mission today. If I entrust my dreams, goals and desires to writing, I am honestly committed to achieving them. I will write my mission today.


NOTE TO MY READERS:  The above Affirmation comes from V. John Alexandrov’s book “Affirmations of Wealth”.  John and I met over 6 years ago as I was starting to recognize my true mission and purpose here and today we have teamed up to help bring others into their full potential and light through a series of 101 Secrets of Daily Success and other inspirational and mentoring processes.  You can discover more about John at REICConnect or email John here.

Wishing you success, happiness and prosperity in your life always,  Wayne Warrington

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  1. This is great Wayne! So many times, when I ask my clients what they want, in detail, they have no idea. Not just saying, I want a successful business or I want a great relationship, but stating what that is exactly, to them. Well formed outcomes come from well defined outcomes.

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