I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER QUIT. I never can fail if I never quit. I rely on my faith to pursue my dreams when others would have simply given up. There is no “quit” in me, therefore, I will fulfill my mission and purpose in life and I will live my dreams.


There are many well written verses about the heroic people who refuse to quit when faced with untold adversity. If you quit once, most likely you will always be a quitter. And if you quit, you will fail.  The truth is, when you fail, you not only fail yourself, you fail in your obligation to use your God-given talents for the benefit of all the other people who would benefit from your talents.

When John Alexandrov wrote the book Affirmations of Wealth he stated “I consider myself to be a compassionate, forgiving person who possesses great sympathy for those in our society who are less fortunately. However, I do not possess any sympathy for those of us who simply give up, who quit when they ought to keep on going. While others sympathize with those who quit, I take a different approach. Sympathy is sometimes necessary but most often the greatest gift you can give anyone, when they are ready to quit, is the motivation and inspiration to dust themselves off and get back into the game. By coaching instead of sympathizing, by leading instead of groveling and by being a role model by seizing the opportunity in every adversity instead of quitting, I believe I can do the most good for my fellow man.”   I could not agree with John’s statement more.  It is so true that being an inspiration to others and to take on adversity head on… is the way to approach life and why there are thousand of people that can and will benefit from people like you and I that act in this way. More importantly is simply our decision to NEVER, EVER QUIT!  When you discover your God-given talents and you decide to help your fellow man/woman by using your talents, that is a process that no matter what speed bumps you experience in life, you need to stay the course and never quit.  You may from time to time need to adjust your game plan a bit “just as I am doing today” however to lose focus on your mission, to put aside your talents that have great benefit for humanity, that you should never do.

I recently met this week with a good friend “Michelle Corr” and she was so excited to tell me about her work in assisting small business owners and professionals with the process of refining and putting to use their gifts, their God given talents.   As I listened to her and witnessed the excitement in her voice I realized sometimes it takes an outsider to help us discover what is inside of us.  Our talents, our gifts and what can truly allow us to achieve our mission in life in a very amazing way.


I never, never, never quit. I look adversity in the face and laugh because I know I have the ability to transform adversity into opportunity.

NOTE:  A very special thanks again to V. John Alexandrov for his inspirational thoughts and writings. If you are in the real estate market or related services, please visit John here!  And to Michelle Corr for being such a great friend and someone that NEVER, EVER QUITS in life to help others achieve their goals in business.

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