I EXPECT SUCCESS. I never sell myself short with low expectations. I expect success and I seek and create the opportunities necessary to fulfill my expectations.


Do you expect to succeed? Since we all tend to fulfill the vision we create in our own minds, it is vital that you do expect to success. Any thought that you persistently hold in your mind, or speak repetitively with belief, will ultimately be delivered to you. If you believe that you will succeed at any endeavor and affirm your belief repeatedly, you will succeed. Alternatively, if you think you “might” succeed or that your chances of failure are great, then the chances you will fail are great.

I am a great fan of the movie The Secret.  It truly helps instill in people that visualizing one’s future, seeing in your mind your path and your success in life, does in fact evoke a powerful process in your life. Unfortunately I see also how The Secret can tend to misguide individuals to think that all they have to do is THINK IT and it becomes reality. There is a very important step to achieving success that is missing from The Secret.  That step is ACTION!  You must take action in order for ANYTHING to come about.  I look at this simply as a step by step process, the cart before the horse analogy.  If you go out into the world looking for a new home, the home of your dreams, and your mind set is that of failure then your actions, your energy, your presence to others will be reflective of your thoughts.  If your mind set is one of success, where you truly believe you will find and secure the home of your dreams and you have it already firmly placed in your mind, then success truly is head of you… it is simply a matter of time.

Since I expect to win and expect to succeed with true and total conviction, I have absolutely no doubt I will do exactly that.


I will raise my expectations of myself today. When I expect success and confirm my beliefs through affirmation then action, my expectations will be fulfilled.

NOTE TO MY READERS:  The above Affirmation comes from V. John Alexandrov’s book “Affirmations of Wealth”.  John and I met over 6 years ago as I was starting to recognize my true mission and purpose here and today we have teamed up to help bring others into their full potential and light through a series of 101 Secrets of Daily Success and other inspirational and mentoring processes.  You can discover more about John at REICConnect or email John here.

Wishing you success, happiness and prosperity in your life always,  Wayne Warrington

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